scientists fix fractures with 3-d printed synthetic bone - super absorbent polymer used in agriculture

by:Demi     2019-08-27
scientists fix fractures with 3-d printed synthetic bone  -  super absorbent polymer used in agriculture
American scientists in London have been successful in using animals that have broken bones and skulls for months-
D printed synthetic bone opens the possibility of future personalized bone implants for human restoration of teeth, other bone injuries in the spine.
Unlike real bone transplants, synthetic materialscalled hyper-elastic bone -
Able to regenerate the bone without the need to add growth factors, flexible and strong, can be easily and quickly deployed in the operating room.
The scientists gave details of the results of their animal trials during the conference call.
Published on Wednesday in the Journal of Science Translational Medicine
Human trials may begin in five years, they say.
The team found that when used for spinal injury in rodents and to repair the skull of monkeys
The elastic bone is mainly made of ceramic and polymer, rapidly fused with the surrounding tissue and began to regenerate the bone.
Scientists say it quickly patched the bones in the rat's spine and cured the monkey's skull in just four weeks with no signs of infection or other side effects.
"Another unique property. . .
It is highly porous and absorbent.
This is important for cell and tissue integration, "said Ramille Shah of the Department of Materials Science, Engineering and surgery at Northwestern University, who worksled the work.
"Even if it is deformed or squeezed into space, it still maintains a high rate of pores, which is also very important for blood vessels to penetrate into the stent in order to further support cell and tissue growth.
"Other types of bone graft that are currently being developed tend to be too brittle to be shaped and processed by a surgeon, and there is a risk of rejection once they enter the body, or it may be too expensive or difficult to manufacture for wide use. With this super
However, Adam Jacob, a colleague at Shah, said many of the problems with the elastic bone will be solved
Northwest University researcher
"It's pure synthetic, very cheap and easy to make," he said . "
"It can be packed, transported and stored well.
"Shah hopes that these properties will mean that patients in developing countries will also benefit.
"There are a lot of pediatric patients, especially in the third world countries, who are born with orthopedic or facial diseases (
Face and chin)
"Defects," she said.
"Because super-
Elastic bone can be expanded at low cost ,(we hope)
These types of patients can use it.
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