scan, annotate and pass on … - absorption of water

by:Demi     2019-09-05
scan, annotate and pass on …  -  absorption of water
Donald michi said that the speed at which the internet permeates our lives has surprised most of us.
In theory, it will allow anyone to retrieve information from anyone or anywhere else in the world.
This ability is so strange that it starts to be like a new form of life-a planet --
Widespread Symbiosis between scattered Filar (the Net)
Collection of forms (
Human institutions)
Distributed on the terminal.
Moss provides an example of symbiosis.
Biologists used to think of them as individual creatures, but didn't realize that they were a connection between two completely different forms of life-the Filar and one.
Cell plants called algae.
Under the microscope, it can be seen that Moss is made up of millions of algae cells that are woven into the matrix of the home.
Similarly, there are already a large number of human organizations on the Internet.
All life is there.
Companies, stock markets, banks, government departments and dignitaries, rail and road systems, air traffic control, military and navy, merchant and tourism fleets, police departments, cooperatives and charities, school hospitals, churches, terrorist cults, criminal organizations, political parties, world financial institutions, United Nations agencies, and so on.
Biologically, Lichens has been very successful and has identified about 15 000 different species.
Due to the absorption of water vapor by fungal components, plant components provide the necessary energy through photosynthesis.
The latter also converts the sugar produced by the intertwined algae into the nectar for storage.
Each partner, or "symbiotic", is necessary for the survival and reproduction of another partner.
If any component is inactivated, the type of survival becomes weak or dead.
We have not yet reached this interdependent relationship between the network and other symbiotic partners.
Today, some super-infectious computer viruses have destroyed the network and our species will be able to restore urban life.
But ten, twenty, fifty years from now?
Is it conceivable that a disease or malfunction affecting certain critical network functions could one day lead to the collapse of all major affiliated human institutions?
There is no doubt that the international money market will be temporarily paralyzed, the distribution of electricity will be unstable, and similar turmoil will occur.
But this disastrous scene is likely to be alarmist.
However, it is worth studying carefully that the more insidious drift towards the knee
Bastard thinking, thinking away from Internet users and the whole industrial human.
In the next few years, the overall literacy of the limited sense of meaning is quickly extracted from sufficiently simplified text (
Such as headlines, advertisements, political slogans)
It can be expected to increase.
But by the beginning of the next century, the proportion of people in the world who can read to the end of normal sentences is likely to decline rapidly.
A century later, the art of reading (
Instead of discovering keywords and connecting them mentally)
May be limited to the laid-back elite.
In the same period, the ability to consider may join the art lost by mankind.
This frustrating trend is the result of increased competition between organizations and within the organization.
Nowadays, fewer and fewer people are moving more and more workloads faster and faster under the impetus of competition anxiety, and fast-
Computer networks around the world.
Signs of competitive anxiety have been observed in the workplace-continuous shortening of attention, abbreviations of working memory, top-of-the-
Head reactions, increased emotions, weakened thoughts of deliberation, deduction, and contemplation, disgusted with written words in addition to scanning, commenting, and delivering written words.
Perhaps the key question is, which side of the interface do we call cognitive functions focused on?
Let's leave the moss and look at another biological symbiosis.
The cells of the spine, including our own, all have tissue energy chambers known as the mitochondrial, which have their own DNA and seem to live their own lives.
These organs are responsible for some of the energy transactions within our cells that are vital to our survival.
But where we come from, the mitochondrial does not come from.
On the contrary, just as the algae are carefully captured in a filament tapestry woven by a fungal catcher, therefore, the mitochondrial is the distant and degraded offspring of the original bacteria-unlike mammals, just like algae come from fungi.
It would be nice to imagine that humans remain dominant in emerging network symbiosis rather than losing independent function along the mitochondrial pathway.
However, if human analysis continues to be replaced by the intuitive shorthand of people who are too busy to think, then by default, the frightening result will come.
By the deadline, the brain worker will represent any high
By then, they can perform level cognitive functions on any network agent and other software product.
One morning in the future, humans will be soberly aware that our Homo sapiens, after all, have become the mitochondrial of the network.
Only when we allow it will this step back form momentum.
Artificial intelligence can put forward some possible strategies by using the change of "knowledge engine" that can convert books into animated multimedia hypertext.
As a "knowledge engineer", scientists familiar with artificial intelligence technology have unique equipment to help build new knowledge --
The engine in which they maintain a deep second direction-
The way to learn, not just the means to find pieces of knowledge.
The real interactive knowledge base has the potential to accelerate training, retraining and education.
A key goal for AI researchers is to develop machines that can pass the "Turing test" and talk in a way that doesn't know if they are human (
New Scientist, "If they can think, January 13).
The goal of AI should be to produce globally networked machines that can act as mentors of AI.
The unprecedented number of our compatriots
Time employment, time on hand, no potential used in my mind. AI-
Instructors and coaches can provide a new type of network
Based on learning and skills training-serving families, libraries, municipal leisure centers, Internet cafes, religious and social institutions, gyms, clubs and bars through the Web, people gather to spend time elsewhere.
In this case, at least we have the opportunity to become, not the mitochondrial of the network, but the mitochondrial of its increasingly cross-cutting. cultural brain.
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