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saudi venture capital group. - super absorbent polymer price in india

saudi venture capital group. - super absorbent polymer price in india


saudi venture capital group.  -  super absorbent polymer price in india
SVCG consists of nearly 50 important Saudi businessmen in 50-
50 Chevrolet Phillips(CPC)
There's a world
The scale Aromatic Complexes of Jubail.
This is Saudi Arabia's first large private joint venture in the aromatic field.
Completed in April 1999 and completed in February 2000, part of benzene used for the production of 500,000 tons/year can exceed 220,000 tons/year, which is the raw material for the manufacture of plastics and 80,000 tons/year of gasoline
Benzene produced by complex schevron Aromax technology.
Sanitation is based on a process provided by the petroaaaaeaoais du Petrole Institute (
Currently called Saudi Chevrolet Phillips Petrochemical Company (SCPC)
This is Chevron's first foreign direct investment in Saudi Arabia since the Saudi oil sector was nationalized in 1980.
SVCG is the first group of its kind established in 1986 to invest in downstream projects promoted by SABIC and government defense --
Related investment projects.
Arab shield development(ASDC)
In Jubail, the complex of SCPC can handle five products.
The plant cost $40, invested $ 25%, and the rest is held by other investors.
Philip Townsend andrax has been in charge of the marketing of the product.
Saudi Industrial Investment Group (SIIG)
Affiliate of Isa 50-svcg
50 joint ventures with the Communist Party of China(NCP).
The NCP has a 4bn olefin complex consisting of 1 in Jubail.
3 m t/y ethylene cracking unit and some downstream units.
The olefin element is based on the technology of cpc.
Complex is done in the medium term. 2011.
SIIG merged with 50% owned units of the National Petrochemical Company in 2011. (Petrochem)and got a $1.
The 2bn complex was put into use in 2012.
The company is one of the largest private petrochemical companies in Saudi Arabia.
SIIG's market value in 2011 was $ 3bn, and Petrochem's market value was $2. 9bn.
After $5 from Petrochem, SIIG's production rose to 6 tons/year.
On 2011, 4bn JVwith CPC, known as Saudi polymer, was launched.
Then SIIG wants to spend another $1.
2bn complex of 50-
The 50 joint ventures in cooperation with CPC are specialized in transformation, using the company's own production to produce nylon and other derivatives.
Saudi International Petrochemical Company(Sipchem)
Another leading private company has 200,000 tons/year of vinyl acetate (EVA)
The factory has been injured in the stream since June 2013.
EVA is used in the production of sports equipment and solar panels.
This creates about 200 direct jobs, and products are sold in the domestic market.
EVA factory is part of the Sipchem $ 4bn phase
Third, the facilities of Jubail will be expanded.
Other Sipchem joint ventures include mma (MMA)
Installation, an-an and hydrogen ammonia (HCN)
Unit and polymerization aldehyde device (
See profile Sipchem indown16SaudiPrivatPetchmOct19-09).
There are $ for Sepchem 21.
The 3 m research unit of King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals was completed in 2012.
It uses it to develop polymer or basic plastic technology.
Major research areas include solar cell technology and plastic film for agriculture, flexible tubes, adhesives and fibersoptic cables.
Sipchem has owned an ammonia plant of 1,800 t/d in Jubail on stream since the beginning of 2012.
The hydrogen raw materials of the plant come from the first-
At the same time, the national industrial gas company under SABIC provides nitrogen. (GAS).
With the supply of carbon monoxide and hydrogen raw materials, ammonia planth only needs a synthetic device, not a reforming device, thus reducing the scope of the project.
The ammonia device is next to the sipchems solar fin/derivative complex.
Arab amine company(AAC)
50: 50 joint venture of Al-
Since the beginning of 2010, Zamil Group and United States Huntsmanof have a 30,000 ton/year vinyl amine complex in Jubail, ju. This ethylene-
Diammonium, diammonium, diammonium and more polymer versions.
These special intermediates serve as terminals.
Products for the manufacture of epoxy curing agents, adhesives and lubricating oil additives for gasoline and diesel engines.
Huntsmanlic obtained a technical license for the plant and served as an exclusive sales and marketing agent for the product, most of which are sold in Asia.
Arabic vinyl(ACVC)
A 50: 50 national joint venture.
Saudi Arabian Mining Company(Ma'aden)
And Sahara petrochemical(
By al-Zamil Group)
With 300,000 t/y ethylene chloride (EDC)
Since the beginning of 2011, Jubail's complex has been in the flow.
The complex consists of two main process units: the caustic chlorine plant and the EDC unit.
The former feeds about 370,000 tons/year of salt purchased locally to produce 250,000 tons/year of caustic soda, and Ma'aden is used in the aluminium smelters of Ras al-for the etching processZour.
The chlorine from the caustic chlorine plant is used for EDC.
Ethylene from near-
Saudi ethylene and polyethylene(SEPC)cracker.
Export of EDC.
In addition, vinyl amine produced is sold locally for the development of other downstream industries.
Sahara Petrochemical Companyof al-
Zamil Group has PP and C hydrogen solutions (PDH)
The factory was built in Jubail and put into production in 08 with a capacity of 450,000 tons/year.
LyondellBasell has a small share in the joint venture, proving its sphpol-
PP unit's PP technology is its only off-taker.
The us uop provides Oleflexprocess for the PDH unit, which obtains propane raw materials from SA.
The Sahara has a local al-
Waha Petrochemical Company
, Set inSeptember 2006 to produce 460,000 tons/year of propylene in Jubail.
Another plant in Sahara is an acrylic unit that produces 125,000 tons/year of mixed propylene salts and 80,000 tons/year of highly absorbent polymer. Sahara -
In the joint venture with LyondellBasell, Sipchem and Tasnee-
There are anolefins complex pre-production since 2010.
LyondellBasell owns a 25% stake in Saudi ethylene and polyethylene. (SEPC)
In the joint venture with Tasneeand Sahara.
The PE produced by SEPC is 800,000 t/y and propylene is 285,000 t/y.
There are 25% Dutch companies in al.
Waha produces 450,000 tons/year pp and 460,000 tons/year propylene.
Saudi Acrylic company(SAAC)-
TSOC by Tasnee andSahara-
Owned the first acrylic plant in the area in Jubail. It costof $1. 9bn.
230,000 t/y acrylic acid can be produced.
This provides about 200 direct and indirect jobs for Saudi Arabia.
In this regard, Tasneeand Sahara together accounted for 75%.
Rohm & Haas in the United States has a revenue of 25%.
The factory was put into operation in 2014.
Demand and prices rose to the early stage
It reached 2008 by 2016.
Germany Linde and Samsung Engineering signed a major EPC contract for this purpose. AH al-
Zamil Group by 12 al-Zamil brothers.
The group is in a factory in jubail to stabilize the industry for the lucrative Gulf (GSD)
Cameon stream for the production of 2,000 t/y dust-free mixture in April 9, 2001 (NDB)
The combination of
Oxidation additive of 3,000 t/y for Anode Oxidation20 (a primaryanti-
Antioxidants that increase polymer life)
, 2,500 t/y of EitheranoxPP-
Decree or alkanox 240 (
Level 1 and Level 2oxidants).
Most of the raw materials come from Europe.
51% stake in HA al
GSD is 49% of the Zamil Group and the Great Lakes Chemical Company in the United States, and is one of the more and more special chemical companies in the UK.
Sister joint venture of Gulf stability group (GSG)
, There is a plantin Jubail that can produce 5,700 tons/year of phenol and phosphate
Since 2002, antioxidants have been mainly used to stabilize polymerization. AH al-
Zamil has a carbon black factory of 20,000 tons/year in Jubail completedin 2005.
Arabic Alkali Company(Soda)
Affiliate of Al-
Zamil Group owns hada 50,000 t/y solid concentrated caustic soda plant in Jubailde
Bottleneck with capacity of 65,000 t/y.
The factory was put into operation in 95 years.
About 90% of the output was exported.
Saudi Indian Petrochemical Company(SIPCO)
Gulf Oil holds 60%(GPC)
A group led by AH al holds £ 40%
Zamil, which had a factory worth $300 in yanbu in 2004, produced over 100,000 tons/year ofn-
Paraffin wax and 80,000 t/y of positive chain benzene (LAB).
The technology is provided by UOP.
This is Bahrain-registered 50-
Joint venture of month SaudiOffset limited liability partnership (SOLP)
Oil Products Company of Tamil Nadu (TPL)ofIndia.
TPL, there is a similar factory in Chennai, India
In March 2001, the seed marketing laboratory was started in Saudi Arabia and 1,000-
Consignment to Arabian milk fat.
National Petrochemical Co. , Ltd. NatPet)
Including two major groups, Alujain (the leader)
And the Xenel industry.
NatPet has a joint venture with LyondellBasell Teldene, which produces 420000 t/y polymers in Jubail-
Propylene grade based on UO pdh technology.
The first unit, 350,000 t/y of PP, is operated by national propylene company. (Alfasel).
The complex was put into operation in 2006.
SA supplies propane.
The Spheripol process of Basell is used to produce PP resin of various grades.
PP is sold by LyondellBasell in local and regional markets as well as in international markets. Teldene-
2: the same joint venture of NatPet and lyondellbasell has a factory in Yanbu that produces 250,000 tons/year PP2005.
Alujain, a promoter of the Jeddah industry, is involved in a range of businesses parallel to SABIC but smaller.
Another Alujain joint venture in Yanbu is 900,000 t/yiso-
Octaane factory built in noble America.
This is to replace the a900, 000 t/y MTBE factory of yanbu, the first private enterprise called Tahseen in Saudi Arabia.
1997 Neste in Finland (now Fortum)
Eco-fuel in Italy
SABIC's partner at Ibn Zahr, a manufacturer in MTBE-
Join Tahseen for 15% per share. Iso-
Like MTBE, octaane is an-
Antioxidants for leadfree gasoline.
Xenel Industries, controlled by Khaled Alireza, are interested in the UK's petrochemical and other downstream Industries as well as abroad --
Including sharing in IPP in Pakistan.
Xenel owns a stake in France's hydrocarbon solvent company.
The company has a 70,000 t/y factory established by Saudi investors and total (10%).
National Polypropylene Company(NPPC)
It has an integrated 450,000 t/yPDH/PP plant in Jubail since 2006.
NPPC purchases propane from sa.
Saudi multi-olefin company(SPC)
Established in 2000 by the National Industrial Corporation
Affiliates Tasnee and LyondellBasell have the same 450,000 t/y PDH/PP complex in Jubail since 2004.
Tasnee has a 75% stake in SPC and LyondellBasell has a 25% stake.
Major shareholders include the Saudi pharmaceutical industry and medical devices Corporation (Spimanco)
And Oran financing company
SPChas to 70-
Km pipeline, transporting propane from the ju 'aymah plant in sa north of Ras Tanura to the sabic propylene unit in Jubail Petrokemya, which is adjacent to the plant of the sp.
National Industrial Corporation(Tasnee)
It was established in 1985 to promote industrial development in the private sector.
The largest shareholder with a 30% stake is Prince Alwaleed Ibn Talar ibn Abdul
Aladin tycoon Aziz is a big man from his mother's point of view.
The first prime minister after Lebanon's independence, the late Riad al-Solh.
Muyye, CEO of Tasnee-
Qurtas, a former SABIC executive, brought new ideas to Tasnee.
National Titanium Dioxide Company(Cristal)
Since the end of 2001, there has been a factory in Yanbu that produces soda and other export products.
The factory has a chlor-alkali device for the production of chlorine used in the Cristina downstream titanium dioxide process.
Kerr, October 2000
Crystal, a 25% stake in Maggie soldits, is its partner, investor entcorp Tasnee and Bay.
Arab Industrial Development Corporation(Nama)
In 1991, 300 Saudi and Gulf Cooperation Council businessmen were established.
SABIC holds a 10% stake.
The other major partners are. H. al-Zamil Group,
Pollard,. H.
Olanyan group and brother Abdul wahabar-argosebiAujan & Bros.
Nama's Jubail, built in May 2001 by Kobe Steel and on stream, Japan, has a factory worth $130: 30,000 tons/year of epoxy chlorine (ECH)
, 60,000 t/y of chlorine, 70,000 t/y of caustic sodium, 30,000 t/y of calcium chloride.
ECH is a raw material for Nama 20,000 t/y epoxy plantin Jubail.                                                                            

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