saskpower's carbon capture future hangs in the balance - carbon dioxide absorbent

by:Demi     2019-09-06
saskpower\'s carbon capture future hangs in the balance  -  carbon dioxide absorbent
The fate of carbon capture and storage in the province of SA is coming, which is a crucial decision point.
SaskPower and the provincial government must quickly decide on the future of Saskatchewan technology, as the two units of the Boundary Dam must be retired or renovated in order to capture carbon by 2020.
"We have a choice now . "
Dr. ecological economist, Regina University.
"If we continue to invest in carbon capture and storage, we know it will increase the cost of electricity if we go another way.
"SaskPower is very reluctant to recommend further carbon capture projects.
The government says it is too early to abandon carbon capture projects. Dolter is working on a report on the future of power generation from coal-fired power plants using carbon capture technology in the province, and whether the province should continue to invest in the technology.
Coal power plants remain the largest component of the province's power grid.
According to SaskPower, the province's electricity came from coal in 2016.
In November 2015, the SaskPower and Saskatchewan governments pledged that half of Saskatchewan's energy will come from renewable sources by 2030.
By 2030, SaskPower will use wind energy, solar energy and geothermal energy to reach 50% renewable energy. even if this is achieved, SaskPower still needs non-renewable energy to provide 3,500 MW of energy.
Renewable energy.
To meet federal regulations, SaskPower needs to make some decisions on how to reduce emissions, Dolter said.
The company faces the option of either transforming coal-fired power plants that capture and store carbon (CCS)
Or generate electricity in other ways.
In the current energy network in SA province, it is crucial to clean up coal, but coal factories are serious polluters.
In order to meet the requirements of federal regulations, Saskatchewan's coal-fired power plants must reduce CO2 emissions per GW by 62 by 2025.
This reduction means that the plant will be considered a "clean gas" as it is the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by an efficient gas plant.
Canada pushed a stage as Trump tried to revive the coal industry --
At the UN climate conference, Canada reached an equal agreement on coal
One way SaskPower continues to use coal after 2030 is for the thermal power plant scarbon to capture and store, but Saskatchewan's current use of the technology is not as expected.
Initially claimed that the Boundary Dam facility, equipped with ccstechnoology, would be able to capture as much carbon emissions as possible --
It is equivalent to driving about 250,000 cars outside the road.
"On paper, the carbon capture plant can capture up to emissions.
"If it did, then it would beat the gas," said Dort . ".
However, 1 has been captured by the factory.
Production after launch was 75 million tons instead of the expected 3 million tons.
SaskPower's actual capture target for the facility's 65 emissions was also not achieved on average.
Jonathan Tremblay, spokesman for SaskPower, said the goal of 65 cents is to ensure that SaskPower captures enough carbon dioxide to sell and complies with federal regulations, namely coal
The carbon dioxide emissions of coal-fired power plants shall not exceed 420 tons per kilowatt hour, and shall not exceed 2025.
Dolter said SaskPower spent more than expected on capturing carbon, "If you capture less than expected, you will still actually release more emissions than the natural gas combined cycle plant.
According to SaskPower, the facility has captured an average of more than 46 emissions since January 2015.
Natural gas options said SaskPower could build six times the capacity of CCS for another coal-fired power plant at the same cost.
For example, it is estimated that SaskPower is insufficient
Building a Chinook natural gas combined cycle plant near Swift Current will cost $0. 68 billion to produce 350 MW
SaskPower says there is enough power to supply 350,000 households.
The Boundary Dam project cost nearly $1.
5 billion, generating an average of about 115 MW of energy.
Critics say the SaskPower carbon capture project has been uneconomical since the beginning, and the shift to natural gas generation will account for about 16 of the cost of relying on ccs.
Using Dolter's construction cost calculation, it will cost about $2.
7 billion replace all remaining coal
The cost of converting all coal-fired power plants is about $17 billion.
Thermal power plants for carbon capture and storage.
It is not just the cost of construction that is equally important.
Dolter said that the horizontal cost of electricity should also be considered.
This takes into account all costs associated with the construction and operation of the project.
Using this measure, the Boundary Dam generates electricity at a cost of $140 per megawatt hour, while the natural gas combined cycle plant generates electricity at a cost of $60 to $70 per megawatt hour.
One reason for the low cost of operating natural gas plants is that gas prices have been low since 2009, although prices have historically been unstable.
An economic benefit of carbon capture and storage is that carbon dioxide is also used to increase oil recovery, resulting in an increase in oil production in the Weyburn Field.
"You may expect the provincial government to receive a $14 million royalty.
"So this is a good benefit for the province, and there are jobs in these industries," said Dort . ".
He said that if the government reallocates these royalties to SaskPower, the cost of the border dam will be reduced to $120 per megawatt hour
More expensive than gasoline.
If the province decides not to move forward with CCS technology, it will put about 1,100 people in an unstable position in the coal industry.
According to data from the Dolterand Westmoreland Coal website, about 536 employees work at the Yeo Shuhe and estewan Coal mines.
According to SaskPower, there are still 573 people working in coal-fired power plants in the province.
"The end of coal in the province of SA means the end of these jobs," Dolter said . ".
Dolter added that the closure of the yangshuhe coal plant will have a devastating impact on the Coronach and Willow beam areas, just like the local work --
Age population in coal industry
Thermal power industry
Duterte said Alberta had promised to provide some support to its coal workers in the event of a change in the coal industry.
The province offered $40 to offset unemployment in Alberta's coal industry.
Their previous salary was as high as 75 and tuition fees were free for retraining.
"If the province is really on the path of phasing out coal, I think these workers and many people in the province may want to see that support in place," Dolter said . ".
To increase the cost of CCS, future carbon capture may require hundreds of projects to be built around the world, Dolter said.
Experts say carbon taxes can help CCS reach its potential: if taxes increase, the tech industry that advocates carbon capture technology may grow, but global investment in the technology has been weak.
According to the International Energy Agency, carbon capture and storage accounted for only 0.
Of $0. 85 billion.
Carbon energy investment in 2016.
"By equipping units 4 and 5 of the Boundary Dam with CCS, there is no doubt that lessons can be learned, but the experience of transforming coal-fired power plants is not as good for mass production as solar and wind energy technologies," Dolter said.
"The question is, should the province of SA be a jurisdiction to absorb the cost of learning?
"But Dolter stressed that this does not mean that CCS is a dead technology, and scientists in particular warn that if global temperatures rise by more than 2 degrees Celsius,
The industrial level will have serious consequences.
"If we emit too much, more than two levels of warming, we actually have to extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
This could be where CCS is starting to work, "Dolter said.
SaskPower is expected to present final proposals on CCS to the provincial government at the end of this year or early 2018.
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