sacramento river hit by pesticide spill - chemical spill absorbent

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sacramento river hit by pesticide spill  -  chemical spill absorbent
A derailed south Pacific tanker spilled up to 19,000 gallons of toxic pesticides on the Sacramento River 50 miles north of Reading, forcing hundreds of residents to evacuate and killing thousands of fish, destroyed 40-
Officials said Monday the waterway was a mile long.
On Sunday night, the oil spill in the south of sishiki County forced 60 people to shut down temporarily.
Interstate 5 stretches for a mile, briefly engulfing Dunsmir, a small town in northern California, in a cloud of harmful gas.
At least 24 people are seeking treatment in local hospitals, mainly headache, dizziness, nausea and eye irritation.
Toxic compounds are expected to reach Lake Shasta by noon today, a major source of drinking water for millions of California people.
Federal officials who maintain the Shasta Dam say this chemical is unlikely to pose a threat to the state's water supply, as it will be fully diluted once it enters the reservoir and currently has 550 billion gallons of water.
US press secretary Jeff McCrackenS.
The reclamation bureau said that if the test showed that the leak caused serious pollution, his agency would stop all water discharge from the Shasta Reservoir.
"If there is concern that the health of people downstream is threatened, this is one of the ways we can take it," McCracken said . ".
"In other words, Shasta becomes like a big pond before the substance is completely diluted. "Gov.
Pete Wilson received a briefing from an expert on Monday afternoon and is weighing whether to go to the site today to check the damage.
"Obviously, he is very worried about it," said Bill Livingstone, Wilson's spokesman . ".
"In order to protect the health of the public, all departments have taken very appropriate actions.
Dunsmuir officials have called for an investigation into South Pacific operations in the region, where at least one derailment accident occurs every year.
Shasta County Sheriff Jim Pope has declared a state of emergency.
At the same time, wildlife experts are seriously concerned that this chemical will cause losses to the river ecosystem, including the fact that many anglers consider the best trout fishery in California.
Senator Stan Stanson (R-Oak Run)
He represented the area where the leak occurred, investigated the river from the air, and described the incident as "probably one of the worst ecological River leaks ever in our northern state.
"This chemical is killing 100% of the fish it touches because it moves from the leak site to Lake Shasta," said Tom Mullins, a spokesman for the National Emergency Affairs office.
"The state of the stream is obviously very bad.
"Paul Wertz, spokesman for the Redding state fish and wildlife agency, said the leak" looks devastating "and" it is possible to eliminate most of the upstream fisheries, if not all.
Wertz added, "the time of the leak could not have been worse.
"Not only is it the height of the fishing season, the river is full of young fish starting from the spring spawn season. River-
Living insects-
The foundation of the food chain--
Officials say it has also been wiped out.
Fish stocks in Lake Shasta-
Including catfish, bass, bass and blue back fish-
It could also be in danger, Wertz said, noting that "the toxic effects could last for weeks or even months.
At first, Fish and Wildlife officials were worried about White eagles in California--
What fish do you eat--
May be in danger.
But a spokesman, Ted Thomas, said the drug scientist has concluded that animals that consume toxic fish are not at risk.
This chemical will obviously be killed at contact, but will not be present at a lethal concentration in the meat of the fish.
However, Wertz said the loss of fisheries would eliminate the main source of food for wildlife, including racoons, bears and possible river otters.
"Fisheries are the biggest problem," said Wertz . ".
"Suppose we have to start with planting (of fish)
Recovery may take several years.
"The leak happened at the cantalay ring, a hairpin bend six miles north of dunsmille, a remote community of about 3,000 people.
A locomotive and seven cars from Colton, California
To Eugene, Ray.
, Leave the track before 10. m.
On Sunday, near a bridge by the River, San Francisco South Pacific spokesman Bob Hope said.
The cause of the derailment is unknown.
Two crew members on board were not injured.
The two cars fell into the water from the riverbank and the tanker was punctured, Mr. Hoppe said.
It contains alco metamm-
Sodium, a liquid pesticide.
According to toxicologists from the fish and gaming department, when a chemical hits water, it breaks down into hydrogen sulfide, gas, and ammonium sulfide, a chemical that emits toxic gases.
The gas drifted south to dunsmille, engulfing the community in a rotten placeegg smell.
A spokeswoman for the charity Medical Center Lake Shasta said that as of Monday evening, 25 people had been treated for minor symptoms and added, "they are still slowly coming in.
"A fisherman on the river, Glen seessien in San Jose, has skin and eyes stimulated, and Ed coping, a California Highway Patrol official, says a patrol who works in the area
Hours after the leak, local and county officials began to evacuate residents along the river and posted signs warning people not to fish.
State Park Rangers spent the day in a camp near the scenic waterway to evacuate holiday families and anglers.
Emergency shelters have been set up in two high schools, with more than 115 people seeking help.
Meanwhile, Dunsmuir officials complained that railway construction in the South Pacific region needed to be reviewed.
They say at least one derailment accident occurs near their city every year, the area is located in a winding place of the river.
However, this is the worst time in memory, threatening one of the city's main sources of income ---tourism.
The city used to rely on rail and timber businesses to get jobs and dollars.
But "now we mainly have fishermen," said Mayor Virginia Baham . ".
"There is no doubt that this will hurt," Barham said . ".
"We have heard of the cancellation.
"It's a terrible thing and I hope the worst thing is over," she said . ".
"It is natural to investigate their practices.
Virginia Ellis, a staff writer for The Times, contributed more to the story in saraman. Background management-
Sodium is a pesticide sprayed on the Sacramento River and is a soil fumigation agent used to prevent weeds, C. worms and insects.
It was applied to the soil before many California crops were planted, including fruits, vegetables and cotton.
In 1989, there were 4.
7 million pounds-
Sodium used in the state.
After dilution, the chemical substance is rapidly degraded to ammonium sulfate (MITC)
There is also a gas, hydrogen sulfide.
Exposure to MITC can lead to extreme irritation of the skin, eyes and respiratory system, but not for a long time
Health effects.
It is toxic to fish, but much less toxic to birds and other animals.
A chemical "SpillA" South Pacific tanker derailed and spilled 19,500 gallons of toxic weeds
The killer entered the Sacramento River on Sunday night, about six miles north of dunsmille.
The site is located about 30 miles north of Lake Shasta, a key part of the state's drinkingwater system.
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