sabah palm oil firm inks deals with china companies - super absorbent powder

by:Demi     2019-08-23
sabah palm oil firm inks deals with china companies  -  super absorbent powder
Memorandum of Understanding signed by POIC Sabah Sdn Bhd (MoU)
There are four Chinese
It aims to raise the downstream processing of palm oil and other related products to a new level.
Signed agreements with Tangshan Chunhua grain and oil Croup Co. , Ltd. , Xinji Xinyuan Biotechnology Co. , Ltd. , top integrity Biotechnology Co. , Ltd. and Hong Kong
Sugar Trading Co. , Ltd.
Datuk Nasrun Mansour, deputy plantation minister of industry and commodities, said there were large oil palm plantations in Sabah, most of which were exported in the original form.
"We are still waiting for serious investors to tap the biochemical potential," he said at a signing ceremony in Beijing, China . ".
Nasrun, also chairman of Lahad Datu MP and POIC Sabah, said the Chinese business community is very interested in Sabah, especially in real estate, tourism and manufacturing.
In this regard, working with Chinese companies will benefit Sabah's expertise and exposure in technology, financial strength and marketing.
Chunhua, headquartered in Tangshan city, Hebei province, is a 38-year-
Old companies specializing in agricultural products and edible oil, especially about 300,000 tons of peanut oil processed every year. It also value-
It has added a variety of edible oils it refined and has grown its own raw materials upstream, including a mishha peanut plantation in Sudan.
Xinji Xinyuan biotechnology is part of Xingyuan Group, headquartered in Xinji market.
Founded in 1990, the group specializes in machinery such as boilers, foam and plastic machinery, and is known for its active use of waste materials to produce activated carbon.
It has a factory for producing organisms.
Coal and activated carbon from coconut shells in Malaysia (Johor)
Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines.
China has a high demand for super-strong absorption of activated carbon, and China has implemented a plan to repair a large number of farmland that has been contaminated with fertilizer and weeds for many years.
The use of killers and pesticides.
Hong Kong-based utility Sugar Trading Co. , Ltd. is a major supplier of global sugar and syrup established in 1985 with an annual turnover of approximately $60 m (about RM2. 6bil)
The top integrity group based in Macau is a public-
Listed companies with a market value of $59. 6mil (RM2. 58mil).
Its core business is consumer durable goods and renewable energy.
POIC Sabah is developing the palm oil industry cluster of Lahad Datu, which is at the forefront of promoting countries to become global investment destinations downstream of palm oil and biomass.
Established in 2015, the industrial park attracted more than 4 million yuan of investment.
An operating bulk cargo terminal, a liquid terminal, a barge landing site and a rmymmil container terminal will be completed in 2018, and it is known for its industrial park with the most comprehensive port facilities in one place.
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