ruggedware - water absorbing gel

by:Demi     2019-08-28
ruggedware  -  water absorbing gel
Travelers who often make laptop bumps, drops, and other forms of digital apathy beyond their duties should consider investing in the "reinforced" Panasonic CF-25.
This is Arnold Schwarzenegger of the laptop.
Armor for portable devices. The CF-
25 is packaged in magnesium alloy, and its durability is 20 times that of standard ABS plastic covering most laptops.
In addition, a special shock
The absorption gel ensures the protection of the hard disk and floppy disk drive, while the internal damping system protects the LCD panel from damage.
The laptop is also in compliance with strict military standards in terms of waterproof and dust-proof, as well as drop impact and vibration durability, and there is no doubt that this machine has been given the "strongest" rating of PC/Computing magazine in last March.
In fact, the approved military Seal refers to CF-
25 Can Survive 25. 5-
1-inch free fall on a steel plate covered with concrete.
It is worth noting that the extra armor will not make you feel heavy: the machine is 7 pounds-
Battery and floppy drive are included.
Other Usability considerations: while the keyboard feels solid and comfortable, the mop is nervous.
Users should also be careful to pull vulnerable
Data port connection, weak link in CF-25's armor.
Is all this protection necessary?
"Normal office--
Attend meetings and speeches-
"It's too much," said Hal Haberman, a PC/Computing technology expert testing this machine . ".
120 MHz processor, 256KH L2 cache, 1.
The 35 GB hard drive and 12 MB of RAM are really not worth the extra cash.
But with this in mind: According to Safeware, the leading laptop insurance company, the accident alone caused losses of more than $0. 291 billion in 1996, an increase of 53% over the previous year. So why not?
Panasonic has launched a new version of CF-
At this week's New York PC fair, $25 is less than $2,500, less than $4,200, which means that additional protection will not damage your checkbook.
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