rocks - materials that absorb water

by:Demi     2019-08-22
rocks  -  materials that absorb water
The rock is solid at room temperature.
They are made from a mixture of grains.
Each grain in a rock is made of a mineral that is a chemical compound.
The particles in the rock can be different: colored shapes of particles some types of rock have interlocking particles that are tightly bound together.
Granite is a kind of interlocking rock.
Other types of rocks have round particles.
Sandstone is a rock with round particles.
Granite has interlocking particles, stones with round particles, and rocks with round particles are easier to absorb water than rocks with interlocking particles.
This is because water can enter the gap between grains.
The rock absorbing water is described as porous.
The rock of round particles is usually softer and more brittle than the rock of interlocking particles.
Therefore, porous rock is often moreporous rocks.
Rocks with interlocking particles are more likely to be hard and non-hard
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