road test: jaguar xj6 tdvi - super absorbent foam

by:Demi     2019-09-03
road test: jaguar xj6 tdvi  -  super absorbent foam
We live in an interesting time.
Jaguar sold more diesel cars in the UK than gasoline vehicles last year. Jaguar -
Yeah Jaguar, it never makes anything utilitarian in life
Diesel is now the majority.
Recently, its total sales have also increased significantly, precisely because of X-type and the S-
The car is already equipped with a diesel engine with excellent performance, and buyers in mainland Europe, even more willing to accept the fact than buyers in the UK.
But a key gap remains: XJs, the biggest and most prestigious Jaguar sedan, has no diesel.
Still, in the UK, the XJ still exceeds all its luxury goods --car rivals -
A car like a MercedesBenz S-
Audi A8, BMW 7-series.
But it is clear that sales opportunities have been missed due to the lack of diesel.
Jaguar had known this long ago: I remember that in the early 1990 s I visited the company's Whitley Engineering Center near Coventry, as in the previous XJ series (called X300) the final incarnation is ready to sell the same.
I received a pair of headphones and was asked to identify the engine sound recorded from the test prototype. "It's a six-
I said, "but it sounds different.
It will not be one. . . " "A diesel?
"Yes," answered the engineer.
"We know we need a BMW, but we can't develop it ourselves, so we're trying a BMW.
But cooperation does prove the solution. The X-
Type diesel is an upgraded version of Ford Mondeo (Mondeo (
Can now be in 2. 2-
Promotion and entry-level 2. 0-litre versions), while the S-
Double Diesel
Turbo V6 is a design jointly developed by Ford and Peugeot and manufactured by Ford's Dagenham factory. A single-
The Turbo version provides good results for Land Rover Discovery.
And twins.
The turbo unit, 207bhp and 321lb feet of torque, drives the new Jaguar XJ6 TDVi.
You might think that XJ will be diesel S-
Type, so smaller, maybe faster.
But without the light aluminum structure of XJ, you would think that this car is better than S-type.
So honor.
The engine of XJ is smaller than the competitor's engine, because its output is enough to meet the competitive speed, and its fuel economy and emissions are the best in its class.
It's all good, but the concept of diesel XJ still seems to be wrong, it's a sharp engine on a car known for improvement.
But now there are smart things that acoustics and electronics can do, and that's proof.
Standing outside when it is idling, you hardly know that there is diesel lurking inside;
Otherwise the typical V6 buzz is only on the metal edge. Highly sound-
The water absorbing foam under the hood and the seal between the hood and the engine compartment are the killer tricks here.
There is a similar peace inside.
The partition between the engine and the crew is double
All the glass is laminated with a sound-absorbing layer.
However, the killer is characterized by the "active" control of the engine installation, which is the first in Europe.
The engine support filled with silicone fluid is not fresh and is a great way to customize the installation to absorb specific vibration frequencies.
But by using the solenoid, Jaguar's installation goes further
Depending on the vibration of the engine, the controlled diaphragm inside the bracket expands or shrinks the fluid space inside the bracket multiple times per second.
As a result, the vibration has been absorbed before reaching the structure of the xj6, and the occupant does not feel anything.
When driving, the only thing that can prove this is a clue to the diesel engine is a slight metal tick at about 3,000 rpm.
What you actually hear is the last trace of diesel burning noise, but there is no trace of clatter and "cackle.
So it's as quiet as Jaguar.
It's also a fast Jaguar that can speed up as fast as 3. 0-
Each liter of gasoline XJ6 can almost match the maximum speed.
For the gasoline version, however, it can average 35 miles instead of 27.
It is also a more enjoyable engine as it pulls very strongly in the speed range and with excellent ZF sixAutomatic speed.
There is no fuzzy power transfer gear.
Consumption is not clear, and always smooth sailing.
This diesel engine has now been calibrated according to the Euro 4 emission standard and is equipped with maintenance-
The free particle filter is a very light device, so you will never see any smoke.
This makes XJ feel very agile.
The example I tried was sports.
There is also a luxurious monarch at the same price (£49,995)
Plus cheap executives for £ 43,995
The suspension is stronger, fatter and lower.
Contoured tires, but although it is difficult to catch, it still rides in the quiet of a typical Jaguar, with excellent accuracy and solid weight, with a beautiful natural balance and steering.
I have never enjoyed a big limousine on a challenging road.
For me, this advanced version of the sport is definitely a possession.
The current XJ series is criticized for its obvious retro look, and indeed, unless you see them together, whether you're looking at the current car or the old one, this is not obvious at all.
But there is a cleaner, cleaner, purer look that is done with simple operations such as removing the stripes of Side friction and depriving the windshield and the finishing strips of the rear windows.
Combine this with the lack of chromium in Sport Premium and its mesh front grille, and all of a sudden, the shape looks very clean, not immersed in dark brown.
Inside, the sports premium also gave up its wood
Trim in the past, in favor of embossed aluminum and dark decorative colors.
Its effect is to create a car today, not a relic of a revival. So there it is.
Of all Jaguar's, the best and brightest is driven by a diesel engine.
Overall, it may be the best luxury car you can buy.
It's really interesting.
Rival Saudi A8 3.
0 tdi quattro 48,365 4-
Wheel Drive is a benefit in bad weather and because of the aluminum structure, A8 shares the weight advantage of Jaguar. It looks ultra-
It is modern in style and beautifully designed but lacks the tranquility and ultimate comfort of Jaguar.
As we get used to the weird look of 7-30, BMW 730 47,505
BMW quickly redesigned it to quell this strange phenomenon and took some of its features away when doing so.
Notorious for bringing us iDrive, 7-
The series is still a spacious car with speed and attitude matching the pricetag. MERCEDES-
So far, the Mercedes-Benz S320 CDI 50,965 is the best luxury --car all-
It still looks like a classic beauty.
Throughout Europe it is the best seller in the class, so it would be interesting to see how new prices are coming.
Not handsome.
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