right mix to fix road dust issue - super absorbent polymer used in agriculture

by:Demi     2019-08-27
right mix to fix road dust issue  -  super absorbent polymer used in agriculture
Surprisingly, how many mundane problems can be solved by the two partners while fishing.
Outdoor enthusiasts Grant Lewis and Lance o'kett were busy fishing some good fish earlier this year when it came to the dusty pot --
Many northerners endure a bumpy metal road where they live.
If it is not a wet, slippery winter road, it is the summer dust that smashes everything within the 100-meter range of the road.
They're not content to just say-
Within a few months, the couple set up a company to deal with the problem.
Contractor Mr Aukett and developer Mr Lewis I have both experienced the problem of shrinkage and expansion of the clay surface at the bottom of the road and think there must be a better way to deal with the submarinegrade soils.
The couple decided to study alternatives to the lime and cement stabilization products that are commonly used.
They especially want a stabilizer that is eco-friendly and dust-proof.
They tried out some successful and failed products from three companies.
Throughout the course of the study, the names of a company that provides services to major Australian mining companies continued to emerge.
They got in touch with Australian companies and from there things went relatively fast.
Rainstorm's products use a polymer emulsion, which is easy to mix with water and can be sprayed to the surface or mixed to the treated surface leaving strong windsand water-resistant bond.
"In fact, these products are not only stable and compacted, but also act as dust inhibitors and are harmless to the environment," Mr Lewis said . ".
Together with their wife and third partner, Jeff Clegg of tomarata, Gravel Lock NZ was established from a base in maywapp.
"We have established a good relationship with our supply company and reached an exclusive agreement with them," said Mr. Lewis, director of the new company . ".
"We can now enter the first-ever offering product range outside Australia and benefit from their 25 years of experience in dust control and road stability.
"The rainstorm representative flew over and made suggestions on what products were most effective for soil and gravel in New Zealand.
"This proposal is invaluable in choosing the best range for our conditions," Mr Lewis said . ".
The position that the company can create
Off-pad, pressure racing, feed pads, roads and lanes.
Mr. Lewis said that the gravel lock product keeps the surface at optimal water content, which ensures that it is well combined with a variety of organic and inorganic aggregates.
"In most cases, we can handle existing materials in an area without the need to apply additional gravel --
It's like concrete.
"He thinks one of the four products that gravel locks use --PolyMag -
Parliament can be used to control the roads of the North-dust problems.
PolyMag has been used in dry mining areas in Western Australia and Nevada since 1983, and has been used in public roads in parts of Tasmania, Colombia and Australia since the 1990 s.
This easy-to-apply product creates a smooth, hard surface that requires less repair, maintenance or accumulation with gravel, Mr. Lewis said.
Dust is not only considered a nuisance, he says, but also poses a threat to the health of humans and animals and harms road safety because it reduces driving visibility.
It also has an impact on agriculture and gardening as it reduces the weight increase in inventory, reduces the quality of the product, reduces the effectiveness of pest and weed control, and contributes to clogging of waterways and sewers.
The company currently offers three products: PACZYME-
Organic Soil stabilizer;
One road-PolyMag
A gravel stabilizer-dust inhibitor and glue 500.
Fourth product
Heavy rain cement, binary two-
Partial magnesium cement-
Will be released early next year.
You can try it now.
"We have had great success in applying these products to the private sector of home, driveway and farm competitions in the winter and look forward to providing a wider range of services to large companies and organizations that need cost
"Efficient roaming, maintenance and dust solutions," Mr Lewis said . ".
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