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reusable gel ice pack - a cost-effective way to transport perishable products - reusable ice packs for food

reusable gel ice pack - a cost-effective way to transport perishable products - reusable ice packs for food


  reusable ice packs for food


Basically, food processors, seafood dealers, catering suppliers or drug suppliers will worry about keeping perishable products cool and refrigerated during transportation.
To ensure that your product reaches its destination in its original state, the gel ice bag is your ideal solution!
Many industries that need to transport perishable products in a safe and conditional manner use it.
Ice bags are made by non
With food safety certification and US fda approval, the risk of any contamination problem is eliminated.
These cool packs are reusable and can be reused.
When frozen, it is flexible and ready to use, usually for one time
The way the goods are protected, especially during the unexpected delay in the time of transport.
Food processors, dairy and cheese processors, agricultural product processors, fish and seafood processors across Australia rely on gel ice bags to preserve fish, meat, dairy products, cheese, seafood, Pharma to produce cool during transportation products.
When transporting products using air, sea or road freight services, this cost-effective, reusable ice bag can be used for a variety of applications.
Most industries use gel ice wrap blankets during transportation to keep the temperature and keep the following products fresh.
Fish/seafood products meat/small goods products cheese products Food Services fresh products pharmaceutical products flowers and chocolates flexible gel packaging now available in various shapes, sizes and weights, so you don't have to limit yourself to one size.
Another key advantage of the gel ice bag is that your product will not reach its destination in an unclean melt like a thin sheet of ice.
Ice bags are also used in the aviation industry-
Flight catering for domestic and international flights.
If you send the goods by air, this is the perfect option, as thin slices of ice and melt water are prohibited during air transportation, as this can lead to dangerous situations.
If you're looking for a cost-
The Thermoshield product is an effective gel ice bag for your needs.
Haigert group produces ice bags and has the ability to customize printing to further promote your brand.                                                                  

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