residents' water could be contaminated after oil spills into fall river lake - absorbent pads for oil spills

by:Demi     2019-09-02
residents\' water could be contaminated after oil spills into fall river lake  -  absorbent pads for oil spills
Homeowners in the autumn river area where drinking water is obtained from Lake Fletcher are told to take precautions.
According to the Nova Scotia environment department, a domestic oil spill occurred overnight from Thursday to Friday morning.
There is some oil flowing into Lake Fletcher.
A department official could not say how much fuel was leaked or how many people would be affected by the leak.
However, one is warned to pay attention to the gloss or strong smell of the oil.
If there is fuel, boiling will not make the water safe to drink.
Department spokesman Krista Higdon said the clean-up and containment work has begun, but it is not clear how long the process will take.
The fire department received calls about 10: 25 for Fire and Emergency in the callHalifax area. m.
Commander Brad Connors said Thursday night.
Oil comes from a market segment house next to Highway 2 between Lake Fletcher and Lake Thomas.
When the staff arrived at the scene, the fuel tank of the house was already empty.
"It is our responsibility to control and prevent this leakage.
"In a sense, the leak has stopped because all the fuel is running out of the tank," he said . ".
"Then, we tried to minimize the spread of the fuel, and we put some dyking material, some absorption pads, some absorption of everything, which is a bit like cat litter --
Just like the product, just to minimize further damage to the environment.
Connors said it is not clear how much fuel is in the standard. Tank-sized house.
At the same time, some water customers are free from pollution, and 80 customers who get water from the Collins Park facility operated by Halifax water do not have to worry about pollution.
"Once we realized the fuel leak, we closed the entrance," said James Campbell, a spokesman for the water company.
"We have a big tank in our hands, so we are learning a lesson.
According to Campbell, bulk water can be transported to the facility by truck if needed.
All Halifax Water customers were informed by hand
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