reservations begin for valour park city estates ii - materials that absorb water

by:Demi     2019-08-22
reservations begin for valour park city estates ii  -  materials that absorb water
New building for luxury apartments-
The style apartment will sit down along a historic park in the well-
Currie's connected community.
Units of imperial custom homes Valour Park City Estates II are now available for booking and are expected to have a stable sale later in 2017.
Three of the plans
The multi-storey concrete building of 26 houses follows the builder's open Valour Park City Estates development project, which consists of upscale townhouses, 7 of which are available for quick check-in.
In this development, three display homes are open from noon to 5. m.
Friday to Sunday
You can also visit by appointment.
Prices for the latest developments are expected to start at $1. 1 million. Twenty-
Three of the 26 units will have two bedrooms ranging in size from 1,711 to 1,725 square feet. The one-
The bedroom is 1,425 square feet.
Kevin Mullen, president of Imperial Custom Homes, said the residences were "designed around a person who appreciates the open floor plan and wants beautiful finishes around.
"This includes kitchens with premium features such as custom tailgates for imperial kitchens and bathrooms, chrome faucets and elegant cabinets --
Part of the Empire Group company, which owns a custom home for the Empire.
The luxurious bathroom comes with a tiled floor, separate bathtub and Chrome Plated Plumbing. At the 18,000-square-
The foot show room in the imperial kitchen and bathroom, the display kitchen and the display master suite give potential buyers a taste of what they can get at Valour Park City Estates II.
"It let you know the fit and the end of our proposal, and Mullen said:" When they come to our showroom, they have the option to look at the options that they can customize, if that's what they want to do. ".
The builder's home is built according to what it calls imperial healthy home standards.
This method includes the use of formaldehyde-
Free material, water
Paint, surface and improved filtration and ventilation to absorb and neutralize toxins.
"We are taking the time to analyze all aspects of the construction process, from the materials used in the house, and how they are actually installed into the house, and what materials they used to be installed, that way you get the healthiest House, says Mullen.
Upscale apartment building in Calgary-
Based on the Jenkins building, there will be an underground parking lot for two cars and there will be enough enclosed storage space on this level.
"When you move out of your single --
"At home, a lot of people don't need shovels, rakes, and Mower, they just need to collect different materials, but still need to be stored somewhere," Mullen said . ".
"When we designed the building, we worked with the architect . . . . . . Make sure we give these homeowners a lot of storage so they have enough space to continue their positive lifestyle
The project has a fascinating view of downtown Calgary and the Rocky Mountains of some units.
On the main level, the residences facing Valour Park have a terrace of at least 400 square feet, and for other residences facing the Currie community, they are about 700 square feet in size.
On the second and third floors, the terrace starts at 130 square feet.
The first and second Valour Park city estates have materials such as plaster and Indiana limestone.
"The buildings in Calgary are very consistent and very unique and you have this limestone masonry --
Buildings dressed in residential projects like this, "said Chris Berry, general manager of Imperial Custom Homes.
"A lot of masonry is used in this park, so we are trying to add to the work that has been done there," Berry added . ".
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