put to the test: body lotion - absorbent

by:Demi     2019-08-29
put to the test: body lotion  -  absorbent
There may be a little spring smell in the air, but our skin is still dry from the cold and centrally heated home.
Loose body wash can really moisturize your skin, so this week, smart consumers, as well as some beauty products
A conscious friend tested a variety of body lotion.
These are reasonable price creams in the supermarket.
We are looking for the ability to absorb, the texture, the smell and how smooth it is to leave our skin.
Conclusion: This is a very good vanilla flavor that makes it look a bit luxurious.
Because it contains cocoa butter, we are looking forward to good results, which is great for soothing and moisturizing skin, and this lotion is not disappointing either.
It makes our skin soft and after a few hours this soft feeling still exists. This is a good-
Value products worth buying.
Score: 4/5 conclusion: the most expensive of the products tested so far, this lotion also has a lot of extra packaging.
It comes in a box with flyers for other products in the same range, and since all of this is usually going into the recycle bin, it's a waste.
This is also the only product that has been tested and it has a dispenser mechanism instead of a flip top or spiral top, so it's a bit tricky, though it's not a huge complaint.
The emulsion itself has a good sweetness and is very absorbent.
It lowerallergenic.
We like lotions but don't like too much packaging or higher prices.
Rating: 3/5 Verdict: not the cheapest of the products tested, but the price is reasonable, which is our favorite.
It has a good smell, good consistency, and good absorption on the skin.
It also contains aloe vera and vitamin E that we like.
The packaging is very simple, but we don't mind because it's a daily item, not a luxury item.
Rating: 4/5 rating: This lotion is made of avocado oil, which softens the skin and does not contain the color and perfume that smart consumers like.
However, consistency is a little thinner than the two above, so the absorption time is really longer, which can be annoying if you rush to prepare in the morning.
That said, it did make our skin feel soft for a few hours and the price was good.
Score: judgment of 3/5: another lotion with reasonable price, in fact its price is exactly the same as the product of competitor Lidl!
The cream, which contains avocado oil and vitamin E, sounds good.
Unfortunately, it is not as easy to absorb as other scents, we don't like the smell, and our skin is not as soft as other scents.
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