profit-takers take edge off hk bank - meat packers

by:Demi     2019-09-13
profit-takers take edge off hk bank  -  meat packers
The central bank of Hong Kong today named the Bank of China (Hong Kong)
As a clearing bank for RMB business. BOC (HK)
Shares rose 15 cents to HK $14.
Top 90 earnings
Ended at HK $14.
15 cents down.
With its extensive experience in clearing and cross-dealing
Bank of China border business (HK)is well-
The Hong Kong Monetary Authority said before the market opened that the move was aimed at launching a reliable and efficient RMB clearing service for Hong Kong banks.
The move was expected long ago.
Financial ties between Hong Kong and the rest of China are strengthening and economists expect Hong Kong to further ease the use of the yuan.
Hong Kong has its own currency, the Hong Kong dollar is linked to the US dollar, but the renminbi, also known as the renminbi, is widely circulated in Hong Kong. Bank of China (Hong Kong)
A local subsidiary of one of China's largest enterprises. four State-
Affiliated Banks of Bank of China.
Demand in China's stock market has been strong this year, up more than 80%, as the market expects the Chinese economy to flourish and Hong Kong is recovering. Bank of China (Hong Kong)
All RMB transactions will be settled for other banks in Hong Kong.
It will also transfer the renminbi between Hong Kong and other parts of mainland China.
The bank took a lot of money.
More than a week ago, its parents sold £ 10.
3% of units raise 1. 08bn.
The shares were sold at a sharp discount of HK $13.
70. Bank of China (HK)
Fell 11% to HK $13.
80, but since then, they have made up for all the losses, in part because of the expectation that today's announcement is coming.
As a holiday, trade in other parts of the market is sluggish
The Hang Seng index rose 36, shortening the trading cycle.
19 points at 12,456. 70.
Hong Kong's economy is expected to grow rapidly next year-
The International Monetary Fund predicts that China's economy will grow by 5%.
Some investors are ready for further gains in the stock market next month.
To this end, HSBC Global Bank added HK $1 to HK $121. 50.
By confirming a good third place, the stock was also supported
US quarterly economic growth data
He said that we believe that more income upgrades will help [Hong Kong]
In a report to customers, Citigroup strategist YK Fu said that the market will rise further next year.
The newcomer of Fujian Zijin Mining company made more achievements in China yesterday.
The associated enthusiasm is 10 cents ahead of HK $5. 80.
As traders leave their desks and foreign investors begin to celebrate Christmas, the Nikkei index in Japan has barely changed.
But after confirming the initial listing, shares related to meat products fell
Mad cow disease or mad cow disease have occurred in the United States.
Japanese Meat Packers gave up 30 yen, or 2 yen.
7% to 1,068 yen.
The local portion of McDonald's fast food-
The food group fell 70 yen, or 3. 1% to 2180 yen.
The Nikkei index fell by 1.
24 points at 10,371 points. 27.
South Korean credit is in trouble
After the initial bid deadline, LG Card of the Card group dropped 695 won, or 14%, to 4335, with no buyers in the group.
The auction was extended to Friday.
The South Korean composite index fell 2.
From 27 to 799. 61.
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