procyte receives patent on wound care dressing. - super absorbent wound dressings

by:Demi     2019-08-25
procyte receives patent on wound care dressing.  -  super absorbent wound dressings
P & G (Redmond, WA; 425-869-1239)
A leading skincare and Tissue Repair Company has announced that it has obtained a patent that involves its absorption of wound care dressings for capturing excess fluid secreted by the wound and taking it from the tissue
The newly patented dressing consists of beads or mats that absorb a large amount of liquid and remove excess moisture from the wound for the best healing environment.
The new water polymerization technology can also provide a variety of antibiotics and-
Fungal drugs gather together while absorbing liquids, thus addressing other specific diseases and medical needs.
Many of ProCyte's products include absorption polymer technology, including the company's penetration-regulated pillowcase dressing, penetration-regulated PCA pillowcase dressing, and penetration-regulated island dressing.
Infiltrating cell island products have recently been introduced into nursing homes and home care settings as well as foot care.
This dressing is designed to buffer the wound from further trauma while preventing additional wounds and skin damage caused by excess moisture.
ProCyte also plans to use newly patented dressings for cosmetic surgery, such as the fast-growing liposuction market where a large amount of liquid can cause serious problems.
Commenting on the new patent, JackClifford, President and CEO of ProCyte, said, "We are very excited about the use of our new wound care dressing, which was developed for cost --
While providing the best level of comfort for patients, it is effective.
The company currently has 19 US patents and more than 130 foreign patents and patent registrations related to copper
Based on technology and a variety of health care applications.
"Over the past year, ProCyte has used its patented Copper Peptide Complex to expand its focus in the market for plastic surgery and dermatology through a range of unique products.
These products include composite Cu3 systems for sanding and laser surface treatment;
Neova therapy
Aging line including evening cream and eye serum;
Tricomin advanced care products for sparse hair;
Cell products for hair transplant surgery.
ProCyte is a healthcare product company that develops, manufactures and sells tissue repair, wound care, skin health and hair care products.
ProCyte's portfolio includes treatment care, pigmentation issues, resistance
Aging products and products with sparse hair.
The company's products integrate its patented Copper Peptide technology and are marketed directly through distribution partners.
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