post liposuction care: how to take care of your beautiful body - super absorbent pads

by:Demi     2019-08-27
post liposuction care: how to take care of your beautiful body  -  super absorbent pads
Now that you have completed the difficult stages of fat insertion and suction, you have to make sure that all of this is not in vain.
According to the statistics, most cases of liposuction had problems due to negligence after liposuction.
Here is the complete guide.
This guide is designed specifically to help patients take care of themselves after a painful but fulfilling process during liposuction.
Go home and stay safe: all famous Surgeons strongly advise you not to come alone on the day of surgery.
It's not because something strange happens to you.
This is just a precaution.
Patients are strongly advised not to drive home.
What you can eat: while the diet plan depends entirely on the case of the case, most of the time you can start a normal diet immediately, especially with local anesthesia.
However, depending on your situation, the doctor may ask you to wait 24 hours.
Other dietary suggestions include: drinking plenty of water before and after surgery 48 hours without alcohol before and after surgery 48 hours without smoking any type of physical activity including driving is limited in the first few hours of surgery.
Go home and lay quietly in bed.
Enjoy healthy drinks and water.
Driving is prohibited for at least 18 hours.
Can not load or lift weight within a few days;
But it also depends on how tolerant you are.
You can go for a walk later in the day of surgery.
The next day, you can drive and perform simpler tasks without any trouble.
Please contact your surgeon if you feel pain or stretching.
Gradually began to exercise.
Starting with a gentle exercise, exercise is gradually increased.
Exercise began the next day and gradually recovered. (
Tip: starting from 25% of daily exercise, it gradually increases within 4 days.
It also depends on how tolerant you are. )
You can work at your desk within 48 hours of your surgery.
You may feel sour and sore.
You will feel tired faster.
Post-operative clothing: in order to get the final cosmetic effect, you must wear the post-operative clothing.
These clothes are tied to all active parts of the body.
To compress and drain the residue out of the body, they are tightly wrapped around the part.
Theee is a specially designed garment with a binder, a soak pad and a super soak pad.
You have to wear this dress 24 hours a day unless you have to wash it or take a shower.
You must wear this dress even if you sleep.
You have to wear clothes before the drainage stops completely.
Drainage can last for several days.
Most patients wear clothes and binder and soak pads for 3 to 6 days.
If liposuction is performed in most parts of the body, drainage will last for several weeks.
Some patients choose to wear clothes that exceed the recommended time.
The clothing provides support and warmth.
In addition, there is no special advantage in wearing clothing that exceeds the recommended time limit.
Dizziness and fainting: patients may feel dizzy and fainting several times.
The day after taking out the clothes for the first time after surgery, the patient will feel dizzy.
This dizziness is usually due to the sudden flow of blood 24 hours after surgery.
The patient should lie down and wait until the feeling of dizziness disappears.
Patients who feel dizzy when they see blood may faint after seeing the blood-stained mat.
Patients may feel dizzy after sudden, rapid and sudden movements.
For example, stand up after you urinate.
This dizziness is similar to the dizziness of the new mother when she first urinated after delivery.
In most cases, patients can get rid of dizziness by sitting down and moving slowly.
You can also avoid dizziness by slowly removing the filling.
First, take out the outer pad of the clothes and then in 8-
Take out the underwear for 10 minutes.
In this way, the flow of blood will be regulated.
Postoperative drainage: Experience of drainage of blood and hemp liquid. In first 24 -
For 48 hours, there is extreme drainage and heavy high suction pads are used in the drainage area.
According to the famous surgeon, excessive drainage in the first few days was very good for the success of the process.
Drainage will begin to decrease over time.
Once the drainage stops, the garment only uses the soak pad.
Leak: first 24-
A strong leak is possible for 48 hours.
Although heavy and absorbing liners are placed in the drainage area, the drainage is sometimes very serious and may pass through the liner. Put terry-
The cloth under you absorbs towels so that the furniture is not stained.
If the leak passes through the fabric, you can use the plastic plate between the furniture and the fur ring.
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