plants soak up greenhouse gas - carbon dioxide absorbent

by:Demi     2019-09-06
plants soak up greenhouse gas  -  carbon dioxide absorbent
Plants in the Northern Hemisphere absorb about one
According to a new study published today, carbon dioxide from fossil fuels is the third largest.
Contrary to previous lower estimates, Nasa scientists found that between 1981 and 1991, plant growth in northern Earth actually increased by 10 per cent.
However, they did not provide any data for countries in the South that were more affected by deforestation during the same period.
In a paper published this afternoon at the American Geophysical Union conference, Dr. Christopher Porter of Nasa's Ames Research Center said: "North American vegetation absorbs about one --
Third, carbon dioxide is emitted into the air by burning fossil fuels ".
Determining this requires the analysis of thousands of images of vegetation growth data taken by the satellite.
But Dr. Potter warned yesterday about carbon dioxide levels.
One of the most important gases that cause global warming
It is still increasing.
"Increasing forest-covered land may be a way to reduce the carbon dioxide content in the air," he said . ".
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