plains midstream criticized for pipeline leak into red deer river - absorbent pads for spills

by:Demi     2019-09-01
plains midstream criticized for pipeline leak into red deer river  -  absorbent pads for spills
The owner of a pipeline that leaked nearly half a liter of oil into a river in central Alberta was severely criticized by the province's energy regulator.
Alberta's energy regulator concluded that the central Plains did not regularly inspect its pasture pipeline and did not give sufficient attention to the government's warnings, failing to take appropriate punitive measures once the leak occurred, and in June 2012, communication with hundreds of people affected by the leak was not smooth.
"The plain failed to complete inspection of the pipeline at the same frequency as its own pipeline integration management plan," a report released by regulators on Tuesday said . ".
"The plain did not take appropriate mitigation measures based on its own risk assessment.
"The report comes as regulators conduct a full audit of Alberta operations in the midplains. The U. S. -
US-based companies also experienced pipeline leaks in 2011.
There are 5 million liters of oil near the Peace River.
"We need to believe that they can continue to operate in Alberta," said Darin Barter, a regulator spokesman . ".
"We don't believe we can do it now.
LaidAlberta environmental spokesman Nikki Booth, who is not sure if he will be charged, said it is too early to determine whether he will be charged.
2012 of the leak was discovered in June 7, when landowners in the north of the Sundre community began to call to report the smell of stinky eggs --
Taste of sour gas or sour oil.
The spill was quickly traced to the Jackson River that flowed into the red Deere River.
The recent heavy rain swelled the flow of water in the river to 10 times the normal amount of water.
The regulator concluded that water flows eroded the rivers around the pipes and exposed them.
The pipe then experienced a "broken head failure" at the weld around the pipe ".
"Because of high-
"Cyclic fatigue may be caused by vibration caused by river flow," the report said . ".
Despite the conclusion of the report, 50-year-
The survey found that the company's inspection frequency was neither in line with provincial regulations nor in line with its own guidelines.
The report said that the Plains did not respond to the warning and did not use the warning.
"If the plain responds to the high flow consultation issued by the Alberta provincial government prior to the accident, it may isolate, clean and clear the pipe section, leaving the pipe in a safe state.
"The area near where the leak occurred was mainly the pasture.
A lot of people think it's a pristine wilderness, and campers, hunters and fishermen are used in large quantities.
The Sundre community is located upstream of the spill, but the Red Deer City is just downstream, and GlenifferReservoir is also a popular boating and leisure lake.
It was built on Gleniffer.
The docks and camps were closed and fishing was closed.
Drinking water is available to people in 750 recreational venues and permanent residences.
The business of rafting, fishing and mentoring is affected.
More than 170 people clean up 475,000 at a time-
Overflow with the Lake
The stream has a water-level slag reader and a water absorber.
A wildlife deterrent was placed along the river bank to protect the animals.
Nevertheless, it is reported that oil is pooled along the highly woven riverbanks and mixed with silt and sediment.
Oil is also concentrated in protected sites such as Butcher Creek Nature.
The regulator criticized the plains for dealing with people affected by the oil spill.
"Due to concerns about the lack of communication between the plaintiff and the stakeholders. . . (
Alberta Energy Regulator
Throughout the incident, the communications personnel had to direct the communications of the plain.
"A spokesman from the middle reaches of the Plains did not immediately respond to the report.
Plains has been ordered to update its emergency response and communication plan.
It must also submit a proposal detailing how the company will prevent future regulatory violations.
Since then, the failed pipe section has been abandoned.
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