patents; a hybrid car, with battery and internal combustion engine, may be the bridge to a fully electric auto. - oil absorbent material

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patents; a hybrid car, with battery and internal combustion engine, may be the bridge to a fully electric auto.  -  oil absorbent material
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Many people are waiting for a bigger change in the design and performance of the car that electric vehicles will bring.
But manufacturers now say that some sort of hybrid car will be on the road before pure electric cars are perfected.
The hybrid will run on gasoline. Internal refueling-
But if an efficient battery is used, the mileage will reach 80 miles per gallon. A Ringwood, N. J.
The company said it used space satellite battery technology to patent the battery. Philip A.
Burghart, a pair.
President of Ergenics Inc.
He predicts that his company's battery will allow the driver to travel 300 miles before charging and will greatly improve the mileage performance of the mixed gaselectric cars.
"The battery makes it possible for a car to reach 80 miles per gallon because it will be used for power surges," he said.
Explained Burghart.
"You will use the same internals-
The internal combustion engine operates at a steady rate, but the engine is unable to reach the surge in effective power required to go up the mountain or accelerate to the highway.
If you want to speed up to 65 quickly, this battery can generate a high power pulse and deliver a large chunk of energy quickly.
"Now, the car battery uses sulfuric acid and lead oxide to generate electricity. A car's gas-
Drive the AC generator to charge the battery continuously.
"Our battery is nickel hydroxide and hydrogen reaction"Burghart said.
"This response has been used in satellite space batteries for the past 20 to 25 years.
They combine to produce electrons and are reversible. -
This means that the reaction has two directions, charging and discharging.
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However, the satellite battery is very heavy, which will produce a lot of heat and pressure. Mr.
Burghart said his company improved the technology by circulating hydrogen from the battery and storing it separately as a solid material to fit the car.
Advertising "Doing so enables us to make low
Pressure cells without corrosion . "Burghart said.
"It's a cheaper, simpler and safer phone.
"Ergenics has obtained 5,419,981 and 5,250,368 patents for its battery technology.
Reduce the confusion of checking oil. It's a low
Technology equipment can make life easier for almost any car owner.
Ron DeGasperis, inventor, W. Va.
Designed a small cup.
The shape filled with absorbing material is good.
His idea is that the small unit can be connected to the engine of the car, close to the oil gauge.
When a driver, mechanic, or gas station attendant wants to check the oil level, simply drag the oil ruler to Mr.
Degasperis' wipers.
No one is looking for a rag.
Absorb the material to clean the oil ruler and the old oil drips into the well. Mr.
DeGasperis recommends that when the hood is closed, the cover attached to the underside of the hood covers and protects the well.
He got a patent no. 5,419,002.
Washington 20231 Patent and Trademark Office offers patents for $3.
A version of this article was printed on page 1001038 of the National edition on July 3, 1995 with the title: Patent;
Hybrid vehicles with batteries and internal combustion engines may be a bridge to the realization of all-electric vehicles.
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