panda mania hits germany as china's cuddly envoys arrive - absorbent mat

by:Demi     2019-08-24
panda mania hits germany as china\'s cuddly envoys arrive  -  absorbent mat
Germany first tasted panda fever on Saturday, with two furry ambassadors coming to Berlin from China to start a new life at Berlin's top zoo.
The pair, named Meng and Jiao Qing, took a special plane from Lufthansa Airlines and rushed in accompanied by two Chinese panda experts, the chief veterinarian of Berlin Zoo and a ton of bamboo.
A group of journalists and officials who welcomed the distinguished guests extended a "oooh", Meng raised a paw and made a particularly gentle flight at Schoenefeld airport on scho84 15
12 hours and 20 minutes after taking off from Chengdu in southern China, the black and white couple were clearly groggy, lying in the suitcase at the welcoming ceremony, resting in the hangar.
Until, that is to say, the Chinese ambassador to Berlin was a little too close, prompting the male Jiao Ling to stand up, growl, and slap his paws on the side of the crate's plexiglass.
"Starting this evening, their German and Chinese coaches will stay with them. . .
We will do everything we can to help them calm down so that they can have a good night, have a good meal and replenish the water.
After more than a week of adaptation, the couple will be announced to the public by Chancellor Angela Merkel and Chinese President Xi Jinping, most likely two days before the G20 summit hosted by Germany.
China, known for its panda diplomacy, as a symbol of close ties, has sent only a dozen national treasures to countries.
The economic ties between Germany and China's export giants have grown ever closer, and over the past year, as Donald Trump used his "America first" to push the United States out of market liberalization, they also played a leading role in advocating free trade.
"The Chinese regard the panda as the ambassador of the Chinese brand.
China obviously has an image problem in Europe and giving pandas is a very smart and easy way to win the hearts of the people, "said Bernhard batzich, a think tank at the Bertelsmann Foundation in Berlin.
"Panda will have a very positive impact on the German media for Xi Jinping's visit in July," he added . ". -
Bamboo snacks, water absorbing mat-
The excitement of the two bears is obvious as the zoo posted daily updates on its blog --
Until they arrive.
The flight to Germany was carefully prepared with "bamboo snacks" to make the pandas happy, with a suction pad to make sure the transport box remained dry and smelly.
Their new home at the zoo will cover about 5,500 square meters (
59,000 square feet)
It is equipped with a wooded rock climbing area and artificial flow.
In Chinese, Meng means "dream", while Jiao Qing means "dear", although the Chinese characters are a combination of "gentle" and "festive" or "celebration.
But it is not cheap to receive their honor.
The zoo will pay $15 million (13. EUR 4 million)for a 15-
They signed a one-year contract with most of the money for conservation and breeding research projects in China.
Panda's main course--bamboo --
Tens of thousands of euros will be spent each year.
The zoo may offset some of its spending with pandas.
Subject goods.
In the end, even if experts warn that panda breeding is an art, it hopes the couple will produce babies.
Panda expert Jerome pwell said, "females only accept one male, about 24 to 48 hours a year," adding that the chances of cubs are slim in the first three years.
China gave three bear cats to Germany before, but the last one, 34 --year-
In 2012, the old baby died in Berlin and became the world's oldest male giant panda.
According to WWF, about 1,864 giant pandas remain in the wild in China, up from about 1,000 in late 1970.
Of the conservation programs set up in Beijing, only over 400 pandas live in zoos around the world.
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