oil spill in l.a. causes big stink - oil spill absorbent

by:Demi     2019-08-30
oil spill in l.a. causes big stink  -  oil spill absorbent
The 10,000 gallons of oil sprayed on the streets of Los Angeles on Thursday were washed away in a few hours, but the smell and worries at the Glendale carpet center did not disappear so quickly.
"They are cleaning up a street a block away, but no one told us anything," said Nabil Monajjed . " He had asthma and put on a filter in the showroom.
Monajjed, who has been operating the carpet center from Glendale's San Fernando Road for 18 years, said the oil did not reach his store.
But the smell does.
"When I opened it, the smell of oil in my showroom was very bad," he said . ".
"I still smell the smoke (hours later).
Fire department spokesman Eric Scott told USA Today that the fire department is working with air quality experts who believe the smell is not dangerous.
"There is no problem that needs to be evacuated," Scott said . ".
But it does have a strong smell.
Scott said 20-
The inch pipe burst and sprayed 20 feet of the oil fountain into the air, covering half a mile of the local street.
About 45 minutes later, the pipe was closed remotely and a hazmat team arrived at the scene.
The leak was controlled with the help of a nearby cement company that provided sand to firefighters to create a 2-foot-deep lagoon.
Then the tanker sucked up the oil, Scott said.
At dawn, an environmental cleaning company has drained most of the oil.
The crew put down the absorbing material, drained the remaining crude oil, and then used the high
Fire officials say the pressure hose on the street is cleaned with a soap solution. .
The 60-year-old Monajjed says he wants his clean-up to be more than just the beginning.
He said he had started the air conditioner and was running the air purifier.
Luckily, he said he did not think his carpet was damaged.
Is smoke dangerous? " he said.
"You're curious to see a dangerous truck.
"The leak was reported after 1 in the morning. m. local time.
The initial fire department report showed 1 million gallons of leaks.
After a short period of time, it is estimated to be cut to 50,000 gallons, and then decreased again as the cleaning work progressed.
Two women were transferred to the hospital for treatment for nausea, Scott said.
Fire officials say a small number of businesses, including an evacuated nightclub, have been affected.
Pipes burst along a pipe extending from Becker sfield, California, at a transfer station, to Texas.
Scott said there was no water pipeline for oil to enter the Los Angeles River.
"No matter what, the business is slow, that's what we need," said one annoying Monajjed . ".
"We don't even know there's a pipe here. We know now.
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