oil spill from sydney refinery 'contained' - containment boom

by:Demi     2019-09-14
oil spill from sydney refinery \'contained\'  -  containment boom
Shell had an oil spill at Clyde refinery in western Sydney.
I don't know how much gasoline
At about four o'clock P. M. in the afternoon, the material enters the Duck Creek (AEDT)
Yesterday, heavy rain caused the refinery's rain system to overflow.
A safety bar was installed and the area was diluted with fresh water and detergent.
A spokesman for the new state Fire Rescue said,
Hazardous Substances)
The team and staff from Sydney port helped Shell control the leak overnight.
He said oil did not cause any damage and did not pose any risks to residents.
A Shell spokesman confirmed today that oil had been cleaned up.
"Everything is under control. . .
"There is nothing going on," he told AAP . ".
Environmental Protection Bureau (EPA)
Has been told.
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