oil spill a costly mystery for town - speedy dry oil absorbent

by:Demi     2019-08-30
oil spill a costly mystery for town  -  speedy dry oil absorbent
Shrewsbury police and state environmental officials want to find out who is dumping 1,000-
Some time ago, the gallon tank was left on the town property near Ward Hill.
The leak happened at a former waste site.
The water treatment plant found in April 30 has so far been cleared for $32,500.
Fire Captain James Vuona said it was difficult to find the answer to the leak.
Vuona said in an email: "There is little evidence to work. mail.
"As far as I know the tank is very old and rusty with no mark, nameplate or serial number.
The investigation was handled by Shrewsbury police and state environmental officials.
Ed Coletta, a spokesman for the State Department's Department of Environmental Protection, said the possibility of finding out who poured the cans seemed slim.
"If the tank itself is not clearly marked, the town may seek to talk to people in the area," he said . ".
"But that's not something we might follow up on.
Police Chief James hayster says his department will help state environmental officials if clues arise.
As to why the tanks appear in the woods, Coleta can only guess.
"Once in a while, people have problems extracting oil from old oil --
Heat system, he said.
"What do you do with tanks?
This may be an issue that is being discussed here.
"After a Shrewsbury Police officer found the broken tank, state and town officials worked for at least four days to clean up the leak.
State environmental officials described pollution as "control, control and mitigation," Vuona said ".
The town manager, Daniel Moga, said that the final bill for the cleaning work would be paid from the budget of the town's sewer department and that an insurance claim had been filed.
"Of course, this is a lot of money," Morgado said . ".
"In my opinion, anything over $100 is a decent sum of money.
There is no doubt that this is not the money we plan to spend.
We can't take it lightly.
"Morgado said it is expected that Weston & Sampson Inc. , the clearing consulting firm, will submit a final report within one month detailing whether further soil remediation is requiredof Peabody.
Chysna, Chad, K-
Hayster said police officers first noticed a leaking tank when training a dog in a wooded area near Mount Ward.
It rests along the dike next to the gravel passage.
Vuona said that the tank leaked slowly from the side of the crack, which was not blocked due to the poor condition of the container.
When fire department personnel cut off the top of the tank, they found that there was still three to 4 inch of the oil in the tank, Coletta said.
Robert Ljunggren, a hazardous materials technician in the fire department, led
A response team that places an absorption pad to stop the oil from spreading.
They then inject the drum with a fast dry absorbing chemical to solidify the remaining contents.
"Due to rainfall, a series of hay bales and more absorbing arm are also set up to control the runoff," Vuona said . ".
"Finally, the plastic sheath is placed under and above the tank to protect the tank and the area of direct leakage from rain and weather," he said . ".
Soon after, Weston and Sampson workers, led by Sean Healy, the company's licensed website professional, came here to help minimize environmental damage.
With the help of providing heavy machinery to access the urban water supply and sewer sector in the area, the contractor removed the water tank and dug up enough oil
Fill the soil with a dump truck.
Healy said the leak was relatively small and did not appear to cause any harm to wildlife or vegetation in the area.
Oil never reached the nearby wetlands, nor did it reach streams about 75 feet kilometers away, from where the tanks ended, he said.
"By testing, we can't tell how many gallons have spilled," said Healy . ".
"The tank was deposited there at some point and some residual oil eventually leaked out, but it could be a slow leak.
Recent tests have shown that the soil on site is clean enough that they can finish the operation, says Healy.
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