oil hits 12-mile expanse of coast in orange county : environment: tanker spill now threatens major wildlife refuges. winds complicate cleanup efforts as slick moves as far north as seal beach. - absorbent cloth

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oil hits 12-mile expanse of coast in orange county : environment: tanker spill now threatens major wildlife refuges. winds complicate cleanup efforts as slick moves as far north as seal beach.  -  absorbent cloth
Driven by Coast
The wind of the bondage, from the 300,000 oil slick-
On Friday, the gallon leak reached the new Beach in Orange County for miles, threatening the main wildlife sanctuary and disrupting the cleaning staff who are crazy about trying to contain the disaster.
The brown and black sticky material is reported to have been rushed to the northern Sunset Beach, close to the sensitive Bolsa Chica wetland and the federal wildlife sanctuary at Navy weapons station on Seal Beach.
Both birds are the main nesting habitat for dozens of birds, including the state's most concentrated ter terns and light-
Foot disc guide, two endangered species.
Thomas J, mayor of Huntington Beach, said: "The worst thing is here . "
On Friday evening, Mez took a helicopter tour of the coast.
"When I was flying over the city between the beach Avenue and the lifeguard headquarters, when things rolled in, the beach looked black.
"Oil is reported at 12-
A mile-long coastline dispersed with large pieces of oil.
Coast Guard officials say several fingers of the oil slick are less than two miles from Long Beach Harbor.
Port Newport is still closed, but by late Friday, 18-square-
A mile of the oil slick has reversed its direction, heading north towards the wetlands at Huntington Beach and Seal Beach, and officials are concerned that the protective fence may not hold the oil moving forward.
The bulldozer built a sand bank at the mouth of Santa Ana near the Huntington Beach wetland, and the flushing passage to the further north Bolsa Chica wetland was closed.
Biologists warn that if oil seeps into the fragile coastal estuary, they can destroy wildlife in the nesting zone.
Victor Leipzig, executive director of Bolsa Chica Conservancy, said: "The potential damage and damage is huge . ".
Experts also predict that the spilled oil may also start to be emulsified and the volume will double.
Meanwhile, investigators revealed on Friday that an anchor punctured the hull of an American trader on the tanker, at least twice as many as 800.
The foot boat positioned itself to connect to the oil pipeline in such a shallow water that the boat might touch the bottom.
However, officials say the second gash on the tanker did not leak oil.
"It looks like (the ship)
Ride its anchor and stab it, "AmericaS.
Coast Guard AdmJ.
William Kime told reporters.
Coast Guard officials say divers found a second hole near the U. S. Navy's starboard side late Thursday. S. -
Registered tanker
The ship, loaded with millions of gallons of oil, tried to put itself on Huntington Beach to unload the continental refinery, when it was 12-
Two tons of anchor piercing the hullfilled holds.
Maritime experts said on Friday that a ship hit its anchor, which is equivalent to a sailor shooting at his feet.
"It's embarrassing when you find your own anchor," said George obroholce, director of the National leak control school at Corpus Christi Texas State University.
On Friday, under the supervision of Coast Guard officials, the operator of the US trader was mining the remaining oil in the damaged cabin to prevent further leaks.
At dawn on Friday, professional cleaning staff wearing gloves and yellow shorts were scattered in half a place
A mile of sandy beach near Newport Pier.
Many residents were angry about the tanker accident and the threat to the local beach, joining the effort to wade into the surfline and wipe the contaminated waters and sand with a absorbent cloth pad.
At some point, the number of volunteers exceeded the wage level of workers, causing problems and prompting officials to make public calls to stay away from local beaches, most of which were closed from Newport to Huntington.
"It's very disturbing to see this and experience it," said Costa Mesa resident Patty Harris . ".
"I feel like my personal environment has been violated.
Now maybe all (media)
Politicians will get rid of their deception and protect us, the report said.
In a lawsuit filed by the Orange County High Court on Friday, sports fisheries groups in both states accused BP and tanker owners of the U. S. trade and transportation Corporation.
More than $1 billion in damage to wildlife and Beach property.
Sports Fishing Association.
California United Anglers claim that shipping companies and BP have neglected to withhold resources in the clean-up to save money.
The action seeks compensation for the amount not specified.
Denny Lehman, BP's risk manager, denied the allegations on Friday night, saying "both companies have invested a lot of resources to clean up the oil spill.
"At least nine skimming ships are trying to recover oil.
But it's only 7% by late Friday. -
About 500 barrels-
Part of the stone field has been dug up and experts predict that at some point most of the oil could go ashore.
Officials say 60% of the oil slick is still drifting off the coast and takes a few days. -if not weeks--
If the sea water remains relatively calm and the wind is light, clean it up in the most ideal conditions.
"The incident was tragic," said John Turner, director of the FBI. S.
At the time, he was in the Department of Wildlife Services at Huntington Beach State Park.
"There's a fair amount of spills out there.
You have never been fully prepared to clean up the area.
No one can be fully prepared to clean up what is real. It's that hard.
"As of Friday, at least 49 birds had been contaminated with oil and taken to wildlife aid stations.
More than a dozen people have died, according to official reports.
At a press conference on Friday morning, about 30 oil companies
On some cylinders in the pipeline mooring area, a smooth seal is hung, which contains the thickest and most concentrated part of the leak.
Meanwhile, officials said they had not yet determined who was responsible for the accident.
But the investigation continues, the incident surrounding the berthing of ship 21year-old tanker.
The Coast Guard said the tanker crew told investigators that the American businessman drifted back to the anchor and the chain was clearly wrapped around the ship's head. Cmdr. Alan Carver.
When the crew raised the anchor to try another type of berthing, officials thought it hit the hull on the starboard side and left a 3-
Feet and two other holes
The tanker is unloaded two-to three-
A one-hour process, which includes turning the ship into 700. foot-wide, U-
Cluster of seven buoy shapes.
During operation, the ship usually passes through the U port, laying an anchor first before the reversing engine swings the stern into the slot, and then laying another anchor.
The equivalent of the pilot's anchor captain is guided from the bridge of the tanker and assisted by the anchor launch cruising in the waters surrounding the ship. John E.
Keane, 41, from San Jacinto, was a moored master on board American traders when the leak occurred.
Coast Guard officials say Keane and captain.
The test for alcohol use by Robert La Ware was negative and the results of the drug test were to be determined.
Keane, who's self?
Employed by Huntington Beach Pier, it was a pilot for five years.
He has been a sailor for almost 20 years.
"One thing I can tell you, that guy is not drunk," said Bill Frith, who lives half a block from Keane.
"I have never seen him drink anything stronger than coffee.
He is very dedicated. he is a real family member and a church. going guy.
"La Ware, who worked for the US trade and transportation company.
He has been an experienced captain on the West Coast for 30 years.
La Ware, who contacted the ship on Friday afternoon, declined to comment, just saying, "I'm fine, thank you.
Officials said Friday that the tanker's draft was 42 to 47 feet lower than the water level.
Its anchor is at least 10 feet long and the boat is trying to dock at low tide before 5 p. m.
On Wednesday, when the water depth "50-
"Add your feet," said a coast guard official . "
"It's possible to be at the bottom.
Depending on the surge and tide, the depth of the berthing can range from 52 to 75 feet.
The tide chart shows that the low tide is 1.
4: 06 3 feet lower than normalm.
Wednesday, shortly before the leak.
BP, the carrier of the ship, said this morning that its crew had collected 800 garbage bags full of oil.
Wet cleaning mat on the beach.
The spokesman said they may ask the volunteers to stop helping with the clean-up due to liability issues.
Also on Friday, federal and state officials ruled that toxic chemical dispersing agents were not allowed to destroy the oil slick.
Wildlife disaster? --
Changes in the wind may bring bad luck to wildlife.
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