oil-eating plants could clear up spills - oil spill absorbent

by:Demi     2019-08-30
oil-eating plants could clear up spills  -  oil spill absorbent
They are investigating how microorganisms "eat" natural crude oil that permeates the bottom of Lake Baikal, Siberia.
Dr. Mikhail Graham is an animal and plant expert at 400ft, 5.
He said: "There are microorganisms in Lake Baikal that can absorb this oil, so it does not spread in the lake.
This can have a huge impact on environmental disasters.
"Scientists believe that microorganisms convert crude oil into methane and other
But they don't understand how to do that yet.
Dr Grachyov said: "We have to look at these processes more thoroughly.
"Samples collected in two mini
The submarine will be analyzed in the next few years.
In 1996, when the ship was stranded off the coast of Pembroke County, hundreds of seabirds and fish and other marine wildlife were killed, leaking 72,000 tons of crude oil.
Dr. David Santello, a senior scientist at the University of Exeter's Greenpeace research laboratory, said: "Further investigation of these unusual microbial communities in Lake Baikal will be valuable.
"However, while the role of microorganisms may be helpful in dealing with some oil spills, we need to pay more attention in the first place to prevent the occurrence of such oil spills.
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