oil-dri corp is pick of the litter - barron's - water absorbent products

by:Demi     2019-08-28
oil-dri corp is pick of the litter - barron\'s  -  water absorbent products
New York, November 16 (Reuters)-Oil-
Direct reduction Iron Co. , Ltd. United StatesODC. N)
A manufacturer that produces cat litter and other absorbent products used in factories and garages is unlikely to see a decline in the use of its products, and its record of steady profit growth will continue, business weekly Barron said.
"Even in the recession, it's hard to imagine that Americans will let the smell of cat urine float over their homes," the publication said in November . ". 17 edition.
This is not the only good news for oilDri Corp.
Barron said that the company's natural gas that needs dry clay has been reduced by nearly half since July, and the company has begun to lock in low prices in the spot market.
As profits have grown at a rate of 15% per year over the past five years, the company has outperformed the market, and investors may have missed stock trading at the age of 13.
According to Barron, the yield was 5 times 2008, 17 times lower than that of the home product stock.
Another factor in oil
As a leading private manufacturer, the favor of Dri is
Label cat litter, doing business with customers such as Wal-MartMart Stores (WMT. N)
As the recession squeezes wallets, it is expected that consumers will shift to regular store brands, Barron said. (
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