norwegian town places mirrors on hillsides to shine light into valley - foot patch

by:Demi     2019-09-11
norwegian town places mirrors on hillsides to shine light into valley  -  foot patch
A small town in Norway places huge mirrors on the mountains around it, shooting light into the valley in the dark winter.
Rjukan is a small town with a population of 3,500, 100 miles west of Oslo, surrounded by steep forest hillsides with no direct sunlight for six months of the year.
Therefore, the authorities decided to put three mirrors on the mountain, which were positioned as reflection 6,500square-
A small piece of light in the town square.
"We think it will mean more activities in town, especially in the fall and winter," said Karin Roe, director of the town's tourism office.
"People will go out more.
"Norway's reindeer installed mirrors to stop cars from colliding with fjords, which inspired Edvard Grieg to watch the northern lights there. The mirror is controlled by a computer, following the adjustment of the Sun to the best angle, capturing the light and reflecting it to the center of the town.
The idea was proposed by industrialists and town founder Sam Eide before 100, but it is only possible to achieve it through modern technology.
In 1928, his successor built a cable car on the nearby summit so that residents could enjoy the sun.
But it wasn't until this year that the plan was completed, and the helicopter lifted the Mirror 5 million above the town and fired crowns (£500,000)scheme.
In 2006, Italy completed a similar project, and Viganella installed mirrors on the mountain above their village.
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