no cutter: cards' weaver slices finger on tray, misses start - aluminum food tray

by:Demi     2019-09-14
no cutter: cards\' weaver slices finger on tray, misses start  -  aluminum food tray
Roast chicken breast. (AP)—St.
Louis Cardinal pitcher Luke Weaver cut his finger when the Kansas City club opened the food tray and was scratched from the beginning.
Weaver was scheduled to promote on Sunday.
The accident occurred on Saturday night, with the right hand cutting the index finger on the aluminum foil covering the tray.
Super glue was used, but it didn't have enough capacity to get Weaver into the game.
Last week the Cardinals claimed that Tyson Rose had been exempted from San Diego, replacing Weaver.
"He put it on the top," said Mike hilt, interim manager of the Cardinals . ".
"We found it in the seventh inning.
It makes sense to give him a day off.
"On the index finger of his right hand.
He may have started but don't push it and it makes sense to have him cast 90 or 100 goals.
"We don't want him to miss another start," he said . ".
"We wanted to put this behind him and let him go on to the next start and give Tyson rose a chance.
For Tyson and us, there is a quality starter that has been solved, he can play and can rest normally. "The 24-year-Old Weaver 6-10 with a 4.
The 23-year 66 era began.
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