niger delta oil pipeline sabotage 'increasing' - oil containment boom

by:Demi     2019-09-13
niger delta oil pipeline sabotage \'increasing\'  -  oil containment boom
Royal Dutch Shell, the oil giant, said vandalism in southern Nigeria was increasing. The Anglo-
The Dutch company says there have been at least three vandalism on the pipeline in the Niger Delta this month.
Shell said in a statement that it had blocked the river to stop the flow of oil.
Thieves, known as bunkerers, often try to pierce pipes to take oil and sell it.
Shell official Babs Omotowa said thieves drilled holes in the Cawthorne strait leading to the Bunney pier in the River state or pierced pipes using hacksaw.
"The environmental and social costs of massive destruction are completely unacceptable," he said . "
The Niger Delta is one of the largest wetlands in the world, consisting of mangrove streams.
Shell said it had set up a fence to prevent crude oil from flowing further into mangrove swamps.
Poor communities in the Delta have suffered environmental pollution for decades due to oil spills.
The militants also carried out several attacks on oil facilities and pipelines.
Shell said it paid $4 m. £2. 6m)
Compensation related to the oil spill in Nigeria last year.
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