ngt calls for scientific disposal of sanitary pads - super absorbent polymer uses

by:Demi     2019-08-24
ngt calls for scientific disposal of sanitary pads  -  super absorbent polymer uses
The National Green Court southern court ordered a notice to the manufacturer of the leading sanitary napkin company in response to an activist about the development of science and ecology
Friendly disposal mechanism.
The judge of the court is M.
Chockalingam and expert member R.
Nagendran accepted the application submitted by G.
Vijayakumar is a social activist based in roapeta.
The judge also sent notices to the state government, Chennai and six manufacturers.
In the application, sir.
Disposable sanitary napkins and diapers contain plastic, especially acrylic, Vijayakumar said
Base High Water Absorption Resin (SAP)
Layers like sodium polypropylene and polyethylene and polypropylene.
The manufacturer of napkins and diapers is subject to the "expand producer responsibility" specification under plastic waste (
Management and processing)Rules, 2011.
They should ensure that used napkins and diapers are collected and processed in an efficient and eco-friendly mannerFriendly attitude.
Many brands also have printed materials and dyes embedded in them, he said.
In addition to the pulp, chlorine bleach is a key ingredient used to whiten the pulp for aesthetic reasons.
Chlorine bleach is an environmental and health hazard that releases toxic chemicals as a by-product
Product of bleaching process.
The applicant stated that napkins and diapers were either washed into the ocean and water body through a sewage system or treated through an incinerator and that various contaminants, including dioxin, were being deposited in a landfill.
"Clogged drainage systems are also a common feature because people are used to flushing used sanitary napkins and diapers off the toilet," the applicant said . ".
The applicant also claims that sanitation and sewage treatment workers face immeasurable health risks in the absence of an appropriate disposal system.
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