newfoundland minister demands answers from husky after huge offshore oil spill - oil spill containment

by:Demi     2019-09-12
newfoundland minister demands answers from husky after huge offshore oil spill  -  oil spill containment
Maritime regulators and provincial cabinet ministers in Newfoundland and Labrador have asked Husky Energy to provide an answer after it was considered the largest oil spill in the province's history.
On Monday, an underwater robot went out to sea to assess the damage, because Canada-
Labrador Offshore oil commission, NewfoundlandC-NLOPB)
An investigation into the oil spill was launched.
Bad weather still prevented SeaRose's leak control, and the husky soil vessel ship on the coast of Newfoundland leaked a 250,000-liter cruise on Monday afternoon, and Husky Energy declined to be interviewed by the media.
Minister of Natural Resources siobhancoady was not satisfied with something.
"They should not be silent," she told reporters after asking questions at the parliament building.
"They should go out and give people [information on]
What is happening and what they are doing, and the results of their observations.
Husky Energy estimates 250 m³
Or 250,000 liters
Overflow from the assembly line when Searose floating production stores and unloads containers (FPSO)
After a vicious storm the day before, try to restart oil production on Friday.
The province of Alberta was hit by the strongest storms in the world, and the marine environment was still very dangerous the next day, according to C-
Scott tecil, CEO of NLOPB.
Record waves at 8. 4 metres —about 28 feet —
At that time SeaRose tried to reconnect and start production.
"They are still rough," Tessier told CBC News in an interview on Monday afternoon . ".
"We will investigate this incident thoroughly and we will know exactly what the operators think in this case.
"According to C-
NLOPB, six ships are about 350 kilometers south. Southeast St.
So far, John has found four oily birds.
A flyover on Monday did not show a noticeable shine, but Coady said that oil may have dissipated in the waters off oough strogh so far.
A remote underwater survey
The operating vehicle will seek to determine the current state of SeaRose and whether it is a "mass leak" of the final oil volume or a continuous leak.
The decision to initiate does not need to raise any questions in the house about why SeaRose is trying to reconnect and who is calling.
Tessier said the decision would be a decision by Husky Energy and would not require approval from the regulatory commission.
Every oil production company off the coast of Newfoundland will make its own decisions when it is shut down and launched in a rugged ocean.
They are bound by legislation and must develop security plans for this situation and always follow them.
It remains unclear whether Husky Energy has followed its safety and environmental protection plan.
"As regulators, we also have these issues," says Tessier . ".
Is husky having a system problem?
This is the second serious accident that occurred last year for Husky Energy's SeaRose FPSO.
In January, the ships produced were revoked C-
NLOPB is too close to the ship because of how the company handles the close call with the iceberg.
"It's hard to say if two events are a pattern," says Tessier . ".
"These are two serious incidents in a relatively short period of time --frame.
So this is part of our investigation to find the root cause and determine if this is a systemic problem for this operator.
When asked about potential penalties for Husky Energy, Cody responded harshly. "The C-
"NLOPB does have the right to a business license," she said . "
"This is the final decision they can make.
Cody said the provincial government will also investigate the leak and investigate the accident.
Nlopb responded to this.
If Husky Energy has complied with all the rules, Coady says this is still a serious problem for the offshore industry.
"If they do everything according to the agreement, then we need to change the agreement.
"At the same time, Cecil said C-
While Husky Energy remains quiet, NLOPB feels obligated to stand in front of the camera for updates.
"If the company does not come, we will do our best," he said . ".
"For the benefit of the public, I will appear in front of the media and try my best to answer these questions.
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