new year, new headache? hangover cures and myths - absorption of water

by:Demi     2019-09-05
new year, new headache? hangover cures and myths  -  absorption of water
When the ball falls in Times Square on New Year's Eve and a large amount of champagne is baked, many people may find themselves forgetting more "friends" than they expected ", and woke up in 2013 with more than a hangover.
Hangover is essentially a construction.
A toxin in the liver-aldehyde.
When a person overdoses on wine, the liver cannot produce enough reduced gluten, a compound containing amino acid L-
Against it.
Half cysteine amine breaks the aldehyde down into water and carbon dioxide, which is then discharged from the body as urine.
Although there is no scientific evidence to "cure" The Hangover, Dr.
Richard bether, chief medical editor at ABC News, offers these tips to help ease the pain: Drink plenty of water.
Alcohol is very dehydrated.
If you have a headache, take aspirin or ibuprofen the next morning, instead of phenol acetate (Tylenol).
It is handled by your liver and it has just been hit from your excessive drinking. Go to bed.
Most hangover ends after 8 to 24 hours, but before that . . . . . . Take out your smartphone and record a video message for yourself.
Tell yourself how bad you feel, repeat this sentence: "I won't drink too much more, I won't drink too much more, I won't drink too much more.
"Other suggestions from our past contributors include how to avoid hangover while also being able to drink beer from slu, what to do if Hangover comes anyway: when you drink
The doctor said that if you drink slowly instead of swiping it down, it helps give the stomach a fighter that absorbs toxins so that your body is not attacked by alcohol. 2.
Eating more foods with high fat content, such as potato chips, can help slow down the absorption of alcohol. 3.
The doctor said that carbonated can increase the absorption of alcohol, so put the rum and Coke down.
The morning after
Happy Hangover: 1.
Sleep, sleep, and sleep time heal all wounds. 2.
When you are dehydrated, rinse your system and your body will run out of potassium and sodium, which is why you will feel "hit by a dump truck" The next morning.
Try to replenish your body with a lot of liquid, the doctor said.
Drink water or drinks with a large electrolyte content, such as sports drinks or coconut water. 3.
Be vigilant about caffeine. Caffeine, like alcohol, is a diuretic medicine. after drinking, it will further dehydrate the body and make the headache worse. So if you want a cup of coffee, tea, or energy drink, the doctor recommends you drink more water.
However, people who often drink a small amount of caffeine may find that caffeine can help ease their headaches.
Although the cause of hangover has not yet been fully understood, one of the main theories about severe headaches is that alcohol expands blood vessels in the brain, and caffeine shrinks blood vessels, this may bring comfort to some people. 4.
Avoid "dog hair" and the Bloody Mary or extra pint of beer the next morning sounds like a rally and the doctor says more alcohol means more dehydration, which
Even if you don't feel pain now, you will feel it later. 5.
According to the Mayo Clinic, eating snacks such as toast and biscuits can help raise blood sugar and stabilize the stomach.
Eating chicken noodles or broth with sodium and potassium can make you feel better.
Foods and beverages containing fructose, such as honey, apples, berries or juices, as well as vitamin C and B, can also help burn alcohol.
The final idea is: Don't be a buzz kill, but the bottom line is that the best way to avoid hangover is to stay away from wine. Entirely.
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