new study finds a gross cure for sadness - absorbent pads for food packaging

by:Demi     2019-09-08
new study finds a gross cure for sadness  -  absorbent pads for food packaging
Scientists think they have found a way to make people feel happier, but it can be a bit strange to apply it in real life: this includes smelling the underarm of a happy person
According to the discovery, it seems that we humans secrete chemicals in sweat, reflecting our emotional state, and those who happen to smell the smell.
Medical News Today explains that in this experiment, Dutch researchers asked men to watch happy, scary and neutral videos with absorption pads under their armpits.
After that, they asked women to sniff pads and pay close attention to their facial movements.
Of course, when they smell the "fear" pad, the muscle expression associated with fear is active.
The same applies to "happy" pads.
"It shows that happy people inject happiness into the rest of the neighborhood," said Gun Semin, lead researcher at Utrecht University . ".
"To some extent, the sweat of happiness is a bit like a smile --
It is contagious.
Another researcher explained to Huffington Post that this could be an evolutionary reason: "If a chemical signal of fear might help warn [fellow humans]
, Chemical signals generated in a positive state, such as happiness, may help to promote contact.
The team believes that its research in the journal Psychological Science has "potential commercial applications" but leaves the details to our imagination. (
In the relevant news, an early study found the culprit that caused your BO smell. )
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