new roles are found for magnets - drum storage

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new roles are found for magnets  -  drum storage
Anthony broymarch 26,1972 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before its online publication began in 1996.
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The dentist drills a magnetic Burr in a hole and then does it effortlessly.
On the drug production line, magnets accept drugs containing traces of iron and reject imperfect capsules.
At the airport, security personnel use a magnetic meter to inspect passengers to find weapons and prevent hijacking.
In the research lab, scientists are exploring the magnetic fields that can support and guide passanger cars at a speed of 500 miles per hour.
Magnet is an old technology that is becoming more and more important in science and industry.
While many aspects of the mag skirt have not yet been addressed, phy mists now knows that it is almost entirely associated with the spin motion of the electron in the atomic structure;
In ferromagnetic materials, there are more electrons rotating in one direction than in the other;
Each atom is a small electronic magnet.
Advertising magnetic materials have made great progress as a tool for humans, starting with the early Greeks and Chinese marveling at attracting or repelling other rocks of the same type.
Advertising their first actual use may be in navigation, as some observers notice that a piece of stone debris floating on a piece of wood is always aligned in the north-south direction.
Today, there is almost no industry that does not use magnetism in one form or another.
Of the hundreds of companies that have an active stake in the magnetic industry, there are Eriez magnetic, Ap application magnetic, Graham magnetic, RFL industrial, Arnold engineering computest, maggheny lud, the company is also Permag, Allen Bradley and many of the company's giants such as General Electric, our house and RCA.
By setting up a magnetic field near the patient's face and using a special drill bit, den tal investigators have significantly reduced the pain in the drill.
Now, the drill bit of the built-in magnetic field of the New Jersey electric mark product is said to have been verified in this technology.
In Smith crane and the French Philadelphia laboratory, the magnetic force tested the quality of certain drugs containing traces of iron.
If the capsules contain elemental iron, mag nets allow them to continue.
Everything else was rejected.
During the previous inspection, only 150 capsules were processed per minute.
The magnetic inspector is also not mally handling 1,000 caps per minute and is able to handle them at twice the speed.
Magnetic properties are also used to detect new integrated circuits called complementary metal oxide semiconductors (CMOS)
It is used for watches, computers and communication equipment.
The complete circuit of a new Quartz Electronic watch may be 125,000 square inch, about 10,000 inch thick.
An advertisement in mongolmerville, Pa.
These cir cuits are the infrastructure of solid state science equipment, initially formed by hundreds of two-inch silicon wafers.
Each tiny circuit may have up to thousands of tran resistors, and each transistor may need to be tested five to six times.
This precision work is done by hovering the needle probe over the circuit and empressing each defective circuit with a magnetic fluid.
Again, mag mesh, instead of holding tweezers, lifts out the imperfect cir cuits.
Magnetic liquids are also tested in medicine.
Doctor at Harvard University
David Roth studied the method of using these fluids to carry a gel to close the aneurism
Weaknesses in the arteries that the balloon stretches out, such as those on the tires, can cause a stroke if they burst in the brain.
"Magnetic leads to aneruysm, where the magnetic liquid stops at the point where it is about to burst, and then becomes hard.
All in all, a patch.
The widespread use of industrial mag networks continues to be the lifting and positioning of metals.
A large number of tramp iron and hard wood and debris used as raw materials enter the pulp and paper mill.
During the production process, the pulp is blown out from the diges ter, and the tramp iron in the blow valve can stop everything.
Therefore, suspended magnets mounted several inches above the chip move along the conveyor belt trap and bury the tramp iron in the burden.
Screening potential hijackers has become a small industry.
Many companies have entered the industry and produced magnetic meters.
These companies include Dixon and Infinitus.
, SPS stedt instruments, SPS, Inc.
And Packtron.
Advertising, air cushion travel is called a possible wave of the future. On Feb.
12, the Ministry of Transport announced that it had awarded Rohr Industries a contract to "build the country's first passenger vehicle, which will operate without wheels on the air cushion.
Advantages: silent operation, no air pollution.
In some air cushion systems already operating in France, the track itself is part of the mo tor.
The other is made up of coils mounted on the floor of the car.
These functions can be used as mag nets that drive cars along tracks.
In computer and power production, there are two other applications of magnetic and magnetic materials.
Bell Telephone lab in Murray Hill, NYJ.
Scientists have made remarkable progress in magnetic bubble technology.
These are real "tiny magnetic domains that appear, disappear and zip around the crystal material under the control of magnetic field and electric field.
Once developed, these magnetic bubbles may have an impact on the computer industry.
A pile of magnetic memory can hold 100 million bits per cubic inch, and the amount of information stored here is hard to imagine.
In addition, it is said that the formation of this information can be immediately accessed by the computer, and the cost is only a small part of today's drum storage equipment.
Another impressive application of magnetic properties is magnetic fluid dynamics.
In a magnetic generator that is said to have worked successfully in the Soviet Union, "when charged particles of gas or liquid pass through the magnetic field of the magnet, electricity is generated, and voltage is generated in the gas, allows the current to be extracted from the air flow by properly placed electrodes.
"Today, the most advanced genetically modified plants in the United States operate at the efficiency limit of 33.
The hemodialysis generator burns fuel at a rate of 50.
Advertising is more eye-catching in advertising
But on the road ahead
It is energy generated by hot fusion of light atoms such as hydrogen and helium.
In nuclear fusion, matter only exists in the plasma state.
Ions and electrons-
Need a temper comparable to the sun.
Since no material can contain this tem property without evaporation, the magnetic limitation will keep the plasma long enough for the atom to melt.
A version of this file was printed on page F3 of The New York edition on March 26, 1972 with the title: find a new character for the magnet.
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