new male contraceptive gel ‘stops sperm production’ – but you don’t rub it on where you think you would - polymer gel

by:Demi     2019-09-01
new male contraceptive gel ‘stops sperm production’ – but you don’t rub it on where you think you would  -  polymer gel
A new male contraceptive gel will be tested in British men.
But no boy, you don't need to rub it under.
Instead, men need to rub half a teaspoon of gel on their arms and shoulders.
Hormone gel works by stopping sperm production for up to 72 hours per application.
If it proves to be effective for humans, it may provide more options for men in terms of contraception.
At present, men can only really rely on condoms.
Important factors to prevent transmission of sexually transmitted infections
Or more intense methods, vasectomy.
But scientists around the world are looking at many other options from injections to other gels to help fill the male contraceptive black hole.
The new gel contains two hormones.
Testosterone and progesterone
According to technical comments, progesterone works by preventing testosterone production, which prevents sperm production.
Testosterone in the gel can offset the effect of progesterone, but the level is not enough to affect the number of sperm in men.
Scientists say the gel will be tested by 400 couples in the United States, Britain, Sweden, Italy, Kenya and Chile.
The lads will be asked to rub half a teaspoon on their upper arms and shoulders every day.
It can inhibit sperm production within 72 hours, so there will be a safety net if the male forgets it.
Diana Blith, an expert in contraceptive development at the National Institutes of Health, said: "It's not a lot of effort, just remember to use it every day.
"Men participating in the new trial will use the gel for four months at the same time as their partner contraception.
Monitoring their scientists will look for their sperm levels to drop to less than 1 million per milliliters
Ensure pregnancy can be prevented.
Dr. Blithe said that once the male sperm level is considered low enough, the couple will be able to control the birth of a year by relying solely on the gel. An initial six-
A month's study found that it was effective to quickly absorb the gel into the blood.
For more than a century, no new male homosexuality has appeared, leaving men with no choice.
Usually, couples rely on women's methods, including birth control pills and long
Agents for intrauterine devices and implants.
But for many women, side effects of hormones
Birth control pills are proven to be frustrating and unpleasant.
Men have fewer choices.
If used improperly, condoms increase the risk of pregnancy.
There are other methods, including the method of pulling out, or the method of pulling out, the pregnancy rate is higher.
At the same time, since reversing ops is not always effective, vasectomy should be considered permanent.
Earlier this year, there was another gel pill that could fill that gap.
Vasagel is a polymer gel that is injected into a human water pipe that transports sperm from the testicles to the penis.
This gel prevents sperm from passing through a test tube.
Unlike the outlet pipe cut-off, the outlet pipe can be rinsed and reversed with another injection of baking soda solution.
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