national demolition association puts out disaster response kit. - spill response kit

by:Demi     2019-09-14
national demolition association puts out disaster response kit.  -  spill response kit
* The National Demolition Association has produced an educational kit designed to provide information on how demolition contractors can complement the work of the first responders at the disaster site.
The DVD of the package is called "role of contractor for demolition at disaster site ".
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The kit also includes a partner Equipment Guide and a position document, "the removal of contractors can strengthen the efforts of the first response team.
Michael R. said: "demolition contractors can complement the important work of the first responsible person by providing professional equipment, skilled labor and skilled support with many years of experience . "
Taylor, director of the association.
"Because we feel that this new form of resources is very important for first responders, we have provided kits to more than 1,000 fire captains in the United StatesS.
Canada helps them understand the valuable support that demolition professionals can offer them.
"The association's disaster scene DVD includes interviews with the Chicago Fire Department's supervised fire chief, the fire chief at Glenview, who is sick.
The fire chief of the fire department and thenbrook brook was ill.
Fire Department.
Each of the first responders explained how his department kept the services of the demolition contractor in their support team.
These demolition contractors perform these tasks, enter the collapsed structure, assist in the investigation of fire and origin, and participate in fire overhaul and rescue.
The disaster response kit is available free of charge and can be ordered by visiting the association on www.
Demolition Associationcom.
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