nano electric roll-out in europe in 30 months - super polymer

by:Demi     2019-08-27
nano electric roll-out in europe in 30 months  -  super polymer
Ata Motors said on Tuesday it will launch an electric version of the world's cheapest car Nano in the next two yearsand-a-
For half a year, although no timetable has been set for domestic launch.
"Electric Nano will be launched in Europe in two yearsand-a-
In half a year, it will be launched first in specific markets such as the UK and Scandinavia, and gradually in other countries.
Ravi Kant's chairman told reporters at the Geneva Motor Show on Tuesday.
The company has released an electric version of a small car. -Tata Nano EV --
This version will also be launched in the domestic market.
However, its launch in the domestic market has not yet set a possible timetable.
"We have not yet decided on a timetable for launching an electric nano in India, but we are working on it," Kant said . ".
When asked about the pricing of the Nano EV, he said it would be decided upon release.
Nano EV will be 4-
Not five seats.
The existing Nano seat.
Electric vehicles using super polymer lithium batteries will have a battery life of 160 km kilometers and a speed of 60 km kilometers in 10 seconds.
Small cars in Europe--Nano Europa --
PM Telang, general manager of Tata Motors India operations, said it will export from India in the next two years.
Tata Motors's Kant said on electric Vista that the company will start selling the car in Europe this year.
"From this year onwards, Indica Vista EV will be launched in some European countries.
We will gradually launch electric vehicles in all related markets.
Earlier, the company said it could launch an electric version of its flagship passenger car, Indica, in the domestic market as it went public in Europe.
Tata Motors has been working with a Norwegian company to develop electric Indica in order to market in the UK, Norway and Denmark by 2011, which will mark the global listing of the car.
At the Geneva motor show, the company also showed more
In addition to some other vehicles, the destination vehicle Aria, the sedan Indigo Manza.
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