mobile gas delivery proposed for vancouver's car sharing drivers - spill kit

by:Demi     2019-08-22
mobile gas delivery proposed for vancouver\'s car sharing drivers  -  spill kit
A California-
Tech-based startups want drivers to refuel their vehicles anytime, anywhere by using the app, rather than driving to gas stations.
Car2goto, a mobile fuel service company, works with car2goto to deliver natural gas to cars
Share The Vancouver fleet.
Since the beginning of June, Filld has two drivers and two and a half drivers
Tons of trucks are equipped with fuel tanks and pumps to refuel car2govehicles throughout the city.
"This is a problem that we have been trying to solve," said Chris Iuvancigh, general manager of Car2go . ".
"It is a challenge to keep our vehicles refueled and ready for our members to use.
Cars are often used.
The gas station is not always where we want it.
"The Guerrilla at the gas station said that the company delivered natural gas to vehicles at work or at home during the day or at night, so the driver did not have to look for a gas station.
"There are a lot of gas stations that start to get into the metro area announcements, and in the process you have a little bit of a problem with all the people who live there, Phil Deco said
Christopher aubuchon, founder of Silicon Valley office.
"Vancouver is one of the cities that meets the right traffic density, fuel shortage, supply and demand curves.
"There is only car2go at the moment, but expansion plan filldhope its test case with car2go will be extended to all Vancouver drivers by the end of this year.
Customers use the app to identify the location of their vehicle and schedule the delivery time.
The company's web page says the price of natural gas matches the lowest price at the gas station where the vehicle is parked, but there is a service charge.
The typical delivery fee is $3, but it can fluctuate between free and $8 depending on the time of day.
In Vancouver, car2goin will pay the delivery fee according to its policy, that is, car rental prices include natural gas and insurance, Iuvancigh said.
"We see vehicles refuel at a higher rate than before and provide them to our members," he said . ".
A spokeswoman for the City of Vancouver said Filld requested a business license.
As part of its review process, the city requested a detailed description of the spill package and a copy of the spill management plan.
Although the information was provided, officials had other questions, so the application was still under review.
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