mexican ex-mayor arrested after drug cartel kills hundreds, 'burns remains in ovens' - 55 gallon drum

by:Demi     2019-09-09
mexican ex-mayor arrested after drug cartel kills hundreds, \'burns remains in ovens\'  -  55 gallon drum
Mexican media quoted Sergio Alfonso rozano Rodez, who was the mayor of alender in 2011, as arrested on Thursday.
State prosecutors say Mr. rodgez was arrested on kidnapping charges but did not specify his role in the Holocaust.
Reuters quoted the government as reporting that the murder was ordered by the Mexican criminal group Los Zetas cartel.
The Zetas are considered "state-of-the-art technology"
The advanced, complex and dangerous cartel that the US authorities operate in Mexico ".
The boss of the cartel, Miguel z-
Trevino Morales and his brother Omar z.
42 'trevino Morales' were arrested by the Mexican authorities on 2013 and 2015, respectively.
Read more: Mexican drug cartels are increasingly hiring our serviceman's assassinsBreitbart newsresportedthat in addition to the kidnapping of rodrís and the murder and burning of the Los Zetas about 300 victims through the oven between 2011 and 2013.
Witnesses to Reuters, former Los Angeles Zetta Hector Moreno, said as many as 300 people were killed in the gang massacre.
According to Moreno, who fled the drug cartels in Texas, the drug cartels ship 5 tons of cocaine in the United States every year.
The Mexican border between 2007 and 2011 was paid protection costs to the Coahuila authorities.
On February, Breitbart News released an exclusive report exposing the atrocities of Los Zetas.
The cartel "has full control over all aspects of the government's process and the lives of Mexican citizens, including the news media," the paper said.
It is reported that the owners of the drug cartels have carried out a massacre against their rivals Moreno Villaneuva and Garza Gaitan, as well as anyone associated with them.
Juan anueva and Gaytan fled, OPEC's 'Wrath 'in the United States.
According to Breitbart, cartel members used various methods of torture against victims.
At Piedras Negras state prison, cartel members "dismember the bodies of abducted men, women, children and children ".
The news agency added that 150 bodies were taken to the prison where 55 bodies were used by members of Zetas in Los Angeles --
A gallon barrel filled with diesel burns human remains.
The ashes were reportedly subsequently dumped in a local stream leading to the Rio Grande River.
Mexico is prone to mass killings and forced disappearance caused by ongoing gang violence and cartel wars.
On 2011, Los Zetas, Rancho de la Choa, San Fernando City, killed and buried 193 people in eight graves.
Subsequent investigations revealed shocking details-female victims were raped and male victims were forced to fight each other to death in a contest similar to the battle of ancient Roman gladiators.
In October, the remains of more than 600 bodies were unearthed from the largest collective grave that may have been discovered in Mexico so far.
It was discovered near the city of Torre Weng, which is considered one of the most dangerous cities in the world.
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