messy cleanup of bp oil spill damages the gulf - oil spill absorbent

by:Demi     2019-08-30
messy cleanup of bp oil spill damages the gulf  -  oil spill absorbent
According to the Coast Guard, the 5,600 vessels involved in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill formed the largest fleet since the Allied invasion of Normandy.
Hordes of helicopters, bulldozers, military trucks, ATVs, barges, dredge, steamboats, work boats, cleaners, media, scientists and volunteers have come to the beach, blue waters and golden swamps along the Gulf Coast.
It's a lot of propellers, anchors, tires and feet for a fragile ecosystem, and a hard fact is emerging --
In many places, the clean-up of oil itself has caused environmental damage.
Part of this is inevitable, oil must be cleaned up in some way, BP and the government will be subject to a second sanction
Guess anyway.
"Your response to the oil spill has absolutely no impact of your own," said Lisa Jackson, director of the federal Environmental Protection Agency . ".
Since the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded in April 20, killing 11 people, oil has poured into the Gulf of Mexico, federal, state and BP officials said, they chose a less disruptive cleaning method in their response.
Still, environmental activists and other oil spill veterans say the torrent of untested clean-up methods hastily implemented by panicked officials and unqualified experts is causing serious damage, at least on site
"The more you disperse (with chemicals)
The more these big machines you bring, the more inexperienced people you bring, and the more sandcastles you make, said Mike Brewer of Buras, Luis Anna: "The fewer opportunities you have for Mother Nature, spenders and prosperous people to do the job," he runs an oil spill response company and is in the process of cleaning up BP.
First of all, EPA allows bp plc to spray a chemical dispersing agent, a product called Corexit that, when it comes out of a broken BP oil well, will be near a mile on the surface
The idea is to avoid flooding the coastline with huge waves.
In practice, the use of a dispersion agent that has never been tested makes it harder to track oil than in a giant oil slick.
Environmental activists and marine biologists still do not believe that these chemicals are safe for marine life.
Further testing is in progress, and EPA stopped spraying underwater while testing samples collected by BP, and then allowed it to recover when the results returned to the agency's satisfaction.
Further testing is in progress and once the well is under control this week the staff stops spraying the dispersing agentJackson said.
"Basically, we did uncontrolled experiments on the high seas, which didn't seem like a good idea for me," said John hochchwal, director of the Greenpeace marine movement in the United States. Mr.
Jackson said there was little evidence of harm caused by these chemical dispersing agents and said they were "relatively mild" in effect ".
"The government is eager to be seen as responsible.
Bobby Jindal began building a series of untested sand islands and other barriers off the coast of the state of Luis Anna, making the construction of these berms a personal movement.
In theory, sand banks and docks will prevent oil from entering the sensitive estuary.
But the migration of shrimp and fish and the flow of tides were interrupted by the berms and docks;
This work can even destroy the remaining paste and sediment in the state of Luis Anna --
Layered coastline.
"No Coast scientist has signed the deal," said Leonard Baher, a former adviser to Republican and Democratic governors in the state of Luis Anna on the issue of Coast restoration.
However, fishermen and locals agree almost unanimously
Jindal's plan for the unorthodox barrier"We know this (berms)stop the oil.
It works on Fourchon Beach, "said Wendell Cullen, the dam manager of the South lafce Parish, who has long been eroded.
"People who push these things are more involved than scientists.
"The human footprint could be a huge initiative that uses compensation costs to reduce the environmental impact of the oil spill, BP hired a truck of inexperienced oil spill responders, shrimp hunters, unemployed workers, and migrant workers.
Manpower is essential, but their footprints can be huge, especially if they are not used to observing their footsteps.
Drew Weilan, a wildlife biologist at the American Bird Association Limited, said: "It's like the Wild West there for some time, and it's still the case to some extent . "
A protection group. Mr.
Viran said the cleaners trampled many nesting bird herds, including at least one batch of gull eggs he saw. Mr.
On the Grand Island and the Eastern Grand Terre Islands in the state of Luis Anna, Wilson's capsize and the endangered black leak are threatened by intensive beach cleaning.
"The whole area has been criss-crossed by tire tracks over the past two weeks.
The whole clean-up there was completely disgusting . "
Recently, Wheelan of East Terre said.
"From the low tide line to the dune vegetation, there are tire tracks.
The one-inch land on the front beach was not blocked by traffic.
"In the Gulf, BP brought a super
The "A whale" from Taiwan can absorb 20 million gallons (
75 million liters)
The water of the day is designed to store a large amount of oil and water at the same time.
Like some other methods, it has never been tested, and scientists fear it will cause serious damage.
"This will absorb a lot of biological knowledge," said James Cowen, a fisheries scientist at the University of Lianna state . ".
Coast guard officials questioned its effectiveness, noting that attacking a giant oil slick is better than flooding the countless small pools that powder has helped create.
Authorities announced last week that the large vessel would withdraw from the leak.
Forrest travolka, as the land manager for Visner Manor, saw the side effects of cleaning up at close range, a public land trust fund that includes Fuchuan beach and a large swamp area, to date, here are some of the heaviest oil.
On a steamboat passing through the swamp, signs of chaotic cleanup popped up. Reddish—
Brown and sticky tar is applied to the swamp grass leaves behind the beach, where the sand baskets brought by the Army dump truck are arranged.
The Absorbing boom is washed up the coastline.
The staff set up tents in the shade every few hundred yards.
He walked almost to the beach.
Travolka saw something he didn't like.
Two ATV tracks take a leisurely stroll on the beach.
Someone strayed in from the designated transport corridor.
"It really upset me . "
Travelka said on a new track.
"They shouldn't drive back here.
They have to drive along the front of the beach.
The birds nest here.
"He took a few steps and pointed out another set of ATV tracks he had discovered a few days ago.
"It's only a few inches away from an egg bird's nest.
"At least for now, after more than three months of the oil spill, the cleanup has become more organized.
At first, he said, the Beach "looked like a highway.
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