matte powder - how to apply matte face powder for oily skin - oil absorbent material

by:Demi     2019-08-28
matte powder - how to apply matte face powder for oily skin  -  oil absorbent material
For people with oily skin, matte powder is probably the most important cosmetic product.
Combine matte foundation with matte flour, and while there is a problem with your oily skin, make sure your makeup is as long as possible.
It is better to buy two different types of matte powder: one is transparent and used as a base makeup and the other is a touch
Up powder and colored powder, used on the foundation as a tone
Perfect condensed powder.
If your skin is oily, but there is no need to apply a foundation, you can simply absorb the oil by wearing any form of matte powder alone.
Best matte powder (Clear): Mattify! Cosmetics -Mattify!
Super powder for oily skin: it is reported that this is the holy grail of oil-absorbing facial powder.
Even in people with severe oily skin, this light-weight, airy powder absorbs oil for hours.
For example, if your face becomes shiny within half an hour of washing, apply this powder, you can last for about two hours without gloss.
Will it shine after 3 hours of washing your face? Lucky you!
With this powder, after applying this matte powder, shine will stay away for almost 6 hours!
The formula is clear, so it's actually not detectable and never looks heavy.
This powder can also be used as a primer.
When used under the foundation, it can prevent pore blockage and even serve as eye shadow primer.
If you have oily eyelids, apply some aging powder in front of your eye mask and shadow for a lasting creasefree results.
It is very suitable for touch due to its colorless nature
Ups all day on foundation or colored face powder.
Matteo Ultra Face powder is a high-end brand with affordable prices. Find it at www.
Cosmetics. com for $14.
99 including transportation
They also sell matte powder for sensitive skin and combined skin.
Best Color Matte Powder (Tinted)
: Pharmacy brand: Maybelline-dream matte powder
A powder that can be applied to help hide flaws and eliminate skin tone.
This facial powder is light weight but has a high pigment content-so it's a bit far away.
Feel the feather light on the skin, blur any flaws or fine lines.
It provides a gentle oil control effect and is suitable for mixed or oily skin.
Find this at most pharmacies for around $10. 00.
Department store brand: Estee Lauder-double matte oil-controlled press powder: another easy-to-mix Press powder, packed with so much paint that you can even use it as
Weight base. Stays color-true (
No shades of orange or dim)
Reduce pores and fine lines.
It also provides moderate oil control, which is effective for oily or composite skin.
To be honest, it functions almost the same as Maybelline fantasy matte powder, but it costs $29, almost three times the original. 99.
Tips for using colored matte powder: You do not want to use any colored powder repeatedly for touch
Ups, because the color becomes a bit blurry when used frequently.
On oily skin, either of these two colored powders is most effective when applied in the following order: 1)Mattify!
Super powder as Primer 2)
Your regular basisMattify!
Super as a condensed powder with high oil absorption 4)
Maybelline or Estee Lauder.
This will help you achieve the perfect oil-free, pore-
Free Matte skin tone without cakey or Muddy residue.
If you do come into contact with colored powder, only once or twice a day.
Use Matteo for the rest of the time!
Because it is colorless Super powder. Tips for touch-
Ups for oily skin: those with very oily skin will find that even after powder, their skin will become oily in a few hours.
In this case, it needs to be modified in order to keep the skin looking fresh, dry and matte.
Before re-cleaning, it is very important to remove excess oil using oil-absorbing paperpowdering.
This will prevent the feeling of any cakey weight after the powder is applied.
If you don't have oil-absorbing paper, absorb excess grease with a paper towel or toilet cover. Gently press (do not rub)
Ink-absorbing tablets or tissues on oily parts of the face.
The action of pressing will allow the oil to be absorbed without interfering with your foundation.
If you do not press, but wipe, your makeup will become blurred.
After removing most of the surface oil, dust on some clear material!
Super powder using a powder brush or puff.
If you use a puff, put the puff on your face until the puff becomes transparent.
Once again, don't rub, otherwise there will be spots on your foundation.
Then, apply a layer of light matte powder to make the foundation look fresh with even skin tone.
Before you need to re-use, this technology should absorb oil in the next few hourstouch again.
If you follow these tips for applying matte powder, you can achieve lasting makeup without gloss!
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