man pleads no contest to murder of woman in drum - 55 gallon drum

by:Demi     2019-09-09
man pleads no contest to murder of woman in drum  -  55 gallon drum
Accused of murdering his girlfriend and taking 55-
On Wednesday, Garon DeKaiser's family and Theresa DeKaiser's family did not participate in the competition because of the pain of the criminal trial.
The unusual move went against the advice of his defense lawyer, but Scott WABE refused.
A plea to the first place.
Premeditated murder and dismemberment of bodiesThe 38-year-
Old Westland, Michigan
The man was scheduled for trial on Wednesday after 22-year-old DeKeyzer died in Warren, Michigan.
He was found dead in a big drum last year.
DeKeyzer disappeared shortly after the incident of domestic violence involving Wobbe in June 2014.
Her rotten body was found in September.
At a storage facility in Plymouth town, Wayne County, Michigan, the gallon barrel is blocked or covered with cement and covered with plastic and wrapped with tape.
Warren Police Chief Jerry Green said last year.
After many conversations with his lawyer, mother and brother, he made this request.
"Every time he meets and every time we talk, he says he doesn't want to be tried," defense lawyer Raymond Cassar told the court . ".
Casar said that as a lawyer, he has never encountered such a situation in 31 years, and he believes he can beat the first.
Murder charges at trial
Instead, he will return to court on June 30, when Wobbe was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.
Entering the request Judge Mary Chrzanowski's name of wob would not have the right to appeal;
He will have to apply for leave to appeal for consideration by the court.
DeKeyzer's family declined to comment after the hearing.
In addition to Wobbe's mother and brother, about 10 of her relatives and supporters are also in court.
Cassar told Chrzanowski that he had known Wobbe for several months and met him many times.
Every time he says he doesn't want to go to trial, he says.
"He didn't want the DeKeyzer family to go through it all.
Casar told the court that he did not want his family to go through the situation. He added that Wobe was considered capable of being tried.
"I must respect his choice.
Chrzanowski, wearing a blue prison jumper, asked Wobbe whether, despite all the advice, he still wanted to plead guilty after consulting with a lawyer and talking to his mother and brother.
"Yes," added Wobe after answering another question, "it was my decision.
Kasal said that walbe did not raise any objection due to lack of memory.
After the hearing, Casar said, "there is a lot of drugs and alcohol in this case.
He does not have a perfect memory to provide a factual basis for "pleading guilty.
After the hearing, Casar said that Wobe could withdraw his request, but "I don't know if that would be the case here.
"Casar said he believes that the decision by Wobe" said a lot to him and his character, "adding that the case involved" great grief ".
Prosecutor Eric Smith said he was pleased that DeKeyzer's family did not have to attend the trial, listen to the details and see the evidence.
But he said he was more pleased that Wobbe was "going to be in jail ".
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