local cooling for relieving pain from perineal truama sustained during childbirth - small gel ice packs

by:Demi     2020-01-08
local cooling for relieving pain from perineal truama sustained during childbirth  -  small gel ice packs
Yin damage is common during childbirth and can be painful.
Contemporary fertility practices include providing women with multiple forms of pain relief, including the application of cooling treatment locally.
Evaluate the effectiveness and side effects of local cooling treatment compared to non-treatment, other forms of cooling treatment and non-treatment
Cooling treatment.
We searched the trial register of the Cochrane pregnancy and delivery group (January 10, 2012), CINAHL (
1982 to January 10, 2012)
Registration of clinical trials in New Zealand, Australia (January 10, 2012)
Experts in the field were also contacted.
Published and Unpublished random and accurate
Random Test (RCTs)
In contrast, local cooling treatment was applied to the perineum, while no treatment or other treatment was used to relieve pain associated with the trauma of the perineum during delivery.
At least two review authors independently evaluated the inclusion of the trial, the quality of the trial and the data extracted. A sub-
The accuracy of the data set is double checked.
An analysis of an intentionto-
Processing the base with data allowed.
We seek more information from the authors of the three trials.
10 published randomized controlled trials (
1825 women involved).
Comparison of local cooling treatment (
Ice bags, cold rubber pads (
With or without compression)
Or cold/ice bath)
There is no treatment, there is a compressed rubber pad, hamamelis water (witch hazel)
Pulse induction energy (PET)
, Silicone foam (Epifoam)
Take an oral breath-taking or warm bath.
Ice packs provide better pain relief within 24 to 72 hours of birth compared to non-treatment (risk ratio (RR)0. 61;
95 confidence intervals (CI)0. 41 to 0. 91;
N = 208) a study.
Women prefer the utility of gel pads compared to ice bags or not treated (RR 0. 82; 95 CI 0. 73, 0. 92).
In a small study, differences in the edema, bruising, and overall healing of the wound were found, which was beneficial to the condensation glue pad (n = 37)over ice (
N = 35, average difference (MD)0.
63 in the range of 0 to 15; 95 CI 0. 20 to 1. 06)
Or no treatment (n = 39, MD -2. 10; 95 CI -3. 80 to -0. 40)
Three to fourteen days after giving birth
Women report more pain (RR 5. 60; 95 CI 2. 35 to 13. 33;
A study of 100 women)
And use more additional pain relief (RR 4. 00; 95 CI 1. 44 to 11. 13;
A study of 100 women)
The application of the ice bag is compared with the pet.
There is limited evidence to support the effectiveness of local cooling treatment (
Ice bag, cold rubber pad, cold/ice bath)
Used in the genital area after delivery to relieve pain.
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