living the low sodium lifestyle - absorption of water

by:Demi     2019-09-05
living the low sodium lifestyle  -  absorption of water
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Most foods contain natural ingredients.
Fresh food is less than canned or prepared, but you will find it everywhere.
Our bodies need sodium for life.
However, most people in the United StatesS.
Consumption far exceeds the amount needed to sustain life.
People need 200500mg (milligrams)per day. [1]The average U. S.
The diet contains more than 3500 mg of sodium.
Most people have very few problems with sodium intake.
However, as with almost everything, the problem happens in extreme situations.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2300 mg of sodium is the largest recommended daily volume for most people under 2 years of age50.
People over the age of 50 and Africans
Americans of any age should limit their daily intake of 1500 mg.
In addition, anyone with high blood pressure, diabetes or chronic kidney disease should follow the same guidelines. [2]
Credit: Krzystof puszcankski, via StockSnap.
Io CC ZeroWhy is concerned that this sodium contributes to the absorption of water and nutrients.
Chemically speaking, all salt is sodium chloride, and when decomposed, chlorine forms part of hydrochloric acid (stomach acid).
It also keeps the amount of water in the blood vessels correct.
Too much or too little sodium can cause a lot of problems. [3]
Low sodium diet rarely leads to low sodium content in the blood (hyponatremia).
Plenty of drinking water, excessive sweating, vomiting and diarrhea, and some drugs are the cause of low sodium.
Common side effects of mild low blood sodium include muscle cramps, headaches, nausea, fatigue, and confusion.
While this is rare, serious cases can lead to brain swelling and death. [4]
When there is too much sodium in the blood (hypernatremia)
Other cases are more common.
Excessive sodium in your diet can raise your blood pressure. [5]
Salt can extract calcium from bones, increasing the risk of osteoporosis. [6]
It can also prevent the kidneys from discharging excess water properly, resulting in an elevated blood pressure. [7]
Some studies have shown that a high-salt diet increases the risk of kidney stones, which may be due to excessive calcium due to bone loss. [8]
What is the role of salt in ancient times, salt is a form of money and is one of the first food preservatives.
We use salt most to season the food, although it is still used as a preservative.
How salt makes the food taste better salty is one of the five flavors, others are sweet, sour, bitter and salty (umami. )
It can be hidden in the food
Taste, make the food feel stronger.
It also adds sweetness. (
Choice of sea salt chocolate or salty
The model of this combination is sweet corn. )
Salt masks the bitter taste of the food.
This is why sometimes people add a small amount of salt to the coffee grounds before making coffee. [9]
If you want to enjoy a low-sodium diet, you need to be patient and find alternative flavors.
Anyone who likes food with "normal" salt content will find --
The sodium version should be flat and taste less.
Our taste buds are used to the salt content and any reduction will make the taste of the food bad. [9]
In fact, there is less sodium in the food, and you actually taste the food in a natural state.
It will take a little time to teach your taste buds to appreciate this new flavor, but this will happen.
In order to achieve a low sodium lifestyle, you need to stop eating prepared food.
This includes most canned food, frozen food and all the food in the local deli.
Food labels in grocery stores can help you make healthier choices.
The restaurant will be a challenge.
For example, eat a quarter-
McDonald's Pounder cheese will add 1100 mg to your daily total.
Add 190 mg to a medium portion of french fries. [10]
Panera Bread offers healthy-looking food options.
Order a roast turkey, Apple, and cheddar sandwich and you will have 1260 mg of sodium per day. [11]
The appetizer for squid in Olive Garden is 2400 mg.
Chicken with parmiana (2980 mg)
Two bread sticks (920mg)
A meal will give you 6340 mg in total. [12]
If you choose the menu items with the least sauce and ingredients, you are more likely to eat healthier (
Both sodium and heat are low. )
Credit: web villa, via Unsplash.
Special salt like Himalayan Pink, Jewish or Celtic Gray is not a replacement.
When searching for salt alternatives, you cansodium salts (
Potassium chloride, usually)
And other sauces.
The potassium salt provides salty properties, but they also bring bitter metallic flavors if used only.
In addition, people with potential kidney problems and some heart diseases are not able to use potassium salt and there is no risk of worsening the disease. [14]
I can't advise you to use potassium as a replacement unless you are in good health.
You will find a variety of flavor enhancing agents when you go beyond alternative salt. In the low-
Your friends will be the salt kitchen, spices and herbs.
Multi-leaf herbs such as coriander, basil, rosemary and cattle to help open up the flavor range of the food.
Ground seeds like mustard, celery, dill and pepper add flavor and aroma.
Delicious vegetables such as onions, garlic and peppers also give extra flavor to many foods.
There are other options besides simple spices and herbs.
Consider adding an acid to your food, such as a specially made vinegar, or juice of lemon, lime, or blood orange.
Acid can lighten other flavors.
Other liquids such as beer, wine or spirits do the same.
Adding fat to the dish will also provide a thickness similar to the finished product.
Try different fats such as duck fat or a small amount of bacon fat for the new effect.
Use food with umami carefully. Many umami-
The foods are also rich in sodium, such as soy sauce, fish sauce and anchovies.
Try adding ketchup, mushrooms and matcha (
Green tea powder. )[13]
In addition, replace some lean meat with fatter meat.
Before eating, cook the chicken thighs with the skin and remove the skin.
This is as low fat as cooking thighs without skins, but tastes more.
Learn new cooking techniques.
Cook your meat with very high heat and scorch outside and will produce new flavor compounds through the Melad reaction (
Technical terms of "Browning. )[15]
Commercial tobacco contains a large amount of sodium, but at home
Your meat, poultry and fish will make delicious food without adding sodium.
When you heat vegetables on a grill, on a stove, or in an oven, you enhance their natural sweetness.
Finally, if you drink, try different wines and beers in your food.
Just like ingredients, drinking alcoholic drinks while eating can increase the taste of food.
Try new wines with your dishes.
All wines, sweet, dry, red, white or red, will have a different flavor than your food.
A low-sodium diet is not the end of delicious food.
Give yourself time to adapt to new choices like any change.
Explore new flavors combinations and use a lot of spices, herbs and other sauces.
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