'living green walls' lined with trees and bushes could help reduce toxic pollution by absorbing carbon dioxide on major commuter routes - carbon dioxide absorbent

by:Demi     2019-09-06
\'living green walls\' lined with trees and bushes could help reduce toxic pollution by absorbing carbon dioxide on major commuter routes  -  carbon dioxide absorbent
The "living green wall" that can absorb pollution will soon be built along the main commuter route around Birmingham.
According to the new plan, buildings lined with trees, shrubs and other green plants in the city will provide cleaner air on the roadside.
It is estimated that 900 people die each year from diseases such as heart disease, lung cancer and cancer in Birmingham, which are linked to air pollution.
Birmingham Conservatives proposed plans ahead of the British local elections in May 3 to use green buildings to line the city's "urban canyon ".
The city Canyon is a closed area of a city with concrete or glass walls on both sides, such as busy roads.
Because pollution is difficult to escape from street canyons, lining them together with green grass walls, vines and other plants can filter out dangerous particles.
A Conservative MP in Birmingham said the walls could remove 40 nitrogen oxides and 60 particulate matter from the surrounding air.
Previously, exposure to these contaminants was associated with a higher risk of cancer and heart disease in adults, as well as lung problems in children.
Birmingham Green Wall plans to invest 0. 5 billion pounds ($700 million)
National funds for improving urban green infrastructure.
Birmingham Conservatives intend to lay lines along the Aston Highway (a major commuter route out of town) and other "Canyons" with living walls.
The city already has a green wall on the Centennial Square in the heart of the city, and London also shows some living structures at places such as Edgware Road subway station, Westfield Mall and Park Lane.
According to a 2012 paper from the University of Birmingham and Lancaster, greening our streets with city walls can reduce pollution in urban areas by up.
MP Robert Alden, Tory leader of Birmingham, said: "Our vision means that we will not only provide clean air, but also transform our city into a leading green city in the world.
The plan that Birmingham Conservatives are working on will change Birmingham, in some parts of the city canyon, such as some parts of the Aston highway, to install green infrastructure to help clean the air around our roads.
Studies have shown that they can remove up to NOx and 60 particulate matter from the surrounding air.
"The Conservative council will establish a network of green infrastructure throughout Birmingham, including living green walls, urban forests, micro-parks and the use of new technologies such as 13-
Foot frame of moss covering with 275 tree cleaning ability.
The plan drew criticism from the public, who expressed their concerns through social media.
Commenting on the proposed plan for the well-known busy route, Claire Roberts said: "No!
How did they get rid of the car?
Chris Milne wrote: "Given that Birmingham has access to and from Birmingham anywhere but Southwest, I wonder why they don't give priority to M6 North South Avenue, instead of worrying about the scenery while you're stuck in traffic.
I suspect the pollution will drop if the car is sitting there unnecessarily.
Linda Spencer wrote: "Why waste money?
This has been the case for years.
But to the NHS.
Joe Iverson commented: "I just can't imagine what a green wall would look like --
It will be a completely different world.
The wall is not the first complete environmental change for Britain's polluted roads.
British highways are considering building large "tunnels" covering highways to protect locals from dangerous levels of pollution.
In its air quality strategy in August 2017, the agency said it was exploring the possibility of building physical canopies around the main road to absorb car smoke.
It is experimenting with materials capable of absorbing nitrogen oxides (NO2)
It can cause lung disease, produced by a diesel engine.
The British highway company said in its report that it is investigating whether we can reduce the cost of building a canopy.
Just like the structure designed to prevent vehicles from discharging to our neighbors.
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