ledcor working to lift sunken tug from mouth of fraser river - super absorbent pads

by:Demi     2019-08-27
ledcor working to lift sunken tug from mouth of fraser river  -  super absorbent pads
On Wednesday, the salvager salvaged a shipwreck from the Fraser River to float it at night.
Photos provided by a spokesman for the Ledcor group show the vessel sitting on the right
Side and partially submerged in water as of 4: 30m. PDT.
A larger crane and barge must be brought in as well as a dedicated crew member to help the George H rykol tugboat come up from the bottom of the river.
Coast guard spokesman Dan Bart said the tug was scheduled for Wednesday morning but was delayed until high tide.
A tugboat operated by Ledcor was carrying a loaded gravel barge when it sank on Monday night, although the reason for the capsizing was still unclear.
The ship can load 22,000 liters of diesel, but Bart says it's unclear how much is in the tank.
Bate said the flow of fuel release slowed significantly after divers capped the fuel tank.
Ledcor spokesman David Hoff said in an email statement that divers sealed the fuel tank Tuesday afternoon and have so far recovered up to 600 litres of fuel from the site.
Two cranes are located above the ship, and crew members are working on rigging to ensure the safety of the elevator tug, Hove said.
The latest news from the Canadian Coast Guard said that their ships stayed at the scene all night and will continue to stay at the scene during the salvage work.
The suction pad and boom around the tugboat entered into a contract with Western Canada Marine Response.
Clean up as much fuel as possible.
Diesel is considered a lighter fuel that can quickly evaporate, Bate said.
"With this evaporation, the strong smell of diesel in the area is common.
The Transportation Safety Board said a team of investigators was collecting information and evaluating the incident.
The Commission investigates maritime accidents to promote transport safety, but does not specify liability or establish civil or criminal liability.
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