learning to make mom's dumplings - what are meat soaker pads made of

by:Demi     2019-09-28
learning to make mom\'s dumplings  -  what are meat soaker pads made of
"My mother is the best chef in the world" is one of those sentences that are inherently untrustworthy, like "No more adorable kitten than my kitten" and "our Bobby is the most talented artist in his class.
"But my friend Winnie didn't play while her mother was cooking, especially on her pot --
Dumpling stickers
To prove this, Winnie invited some friends to dinner while her mother was in town last week. Twenty of them.
I arrived early to eat dumplings. making lesson (
I will share with you tomorrow)
But it wasn't long before I saw the real situation: a complete one
Massive Weapons Attack
Mom's overworked-it-
Asian mom style.
Winnie's mother, May, filled the food, not one but two, and the kitchen was full of piles of vegetables, like indoor plants.
I saw the instant noodles dry and ready to cook.
I saw a few rows of ribs soaking.
I saw a group of fish waiting to fry.
I saw a huge jar that had become the last resting place for two whole ducks.
I saw a bunch of meat about the size of a beach ball.
Somewhere in the middle of this Chinese treasure bowl, I saw a woman no bigger than the average American middle class --
From the fridge to the sink to the stove, the students in the school run around.
I held Mei's hand and instinctively called her "aunt ".
Winnie said: "Hi, her voice was almost inaudible and disappeared from the terrible cold.
In an instant, Mei showed me how to mix the filling of the dumplings together, and the process involved extending my hand out of the forearm --
Go deep into raw meat and keep worrying about childrenpool-
Our mixing bowl is not big enough for a man stronger than me to squeeze water out of Napa cabbage. (
As mentioned earlier, the recipe requires "1 assistant, 5' 9", 200 pounds, sports building. ")
Winnie's old friends began to pour in, and it was a pleasure to see mother Yang leaving their hometown of St. Louis.
Since past conversations tend to extend in this direction, I asked Mei how she learned cooking in the first place.
"I didn't learn anything at home," she said . "
She is the second youngest of eight children, and in her Taiwanese family, her sister takes care of the children --helping-in-the-
Kitchen Department
But when she moved to the United States in her 70 s and went to Utah, all the places, all the flavors inspired by her growing up suddenly disappeared, it was a culinary awakening.
Through memory and penetration, and a group of chatty friends, she taught herself how to cook, invented technology when she couldn't remember, and in the process of making dumplings recipes, she often does it by feeling and vision.
One time a neighbor asked her if she could come and see her chef and learn about the food.
However, it wasn't long before the neighbors came over with some of the old American ingenuity, and it was too stupid to see Mei painstakingly launch the dumpling skin, filling, pleating and pinching each one!
Why don't you make it like a pie, just like all the fillings we have, put the dough on top!
Mei was angry when she told the story. now she is 20 or 30 years old. "Hmph.
This is a history of 3,000 years.
This is beauty.
Then she added, "there is no machine that can do this . "
"No, it's just the child's physical labor," Winnie said softly, although it's hard to say whether the volume is due to her cold or because she's saying it so her mother can't hear it.
I giggled and now launched the skin with only a dozen sheets and already felt pain on the finger pad.
Winnie's father walked around quietly, making me miss my father, who came to the table to help with the skin.
This is a watershed moment;
During Mei's lifetime in making these things, he was never seen commandeering a needle roller.
He slipped his hand and knocked on a glass of water, and may summoned her best tiger mother: "Next time, practice. At home!
"I think she is joking, but it makes her feel a little heavy.
He continued with a smile in that lovely dad way.
Now that the six or seven gang is deep, Mei let the dumplings go through the operation and began to crack at the edge of the stove.
Soon the food began to pile up and spread on two tables.
The ribs came out of the oven, and the Ducks lay on the bed.
Fried green vegetables and noodles are squeezed into a huge pot.
The fish began to swim in hot oil and it was soon clear that it would take about 25 lbs to feed 20 fish.
Then, Mei began to eat dumplings. before steaming dumplings, fry them crispy at the bottom of the dumplings, and then steamed them soft and tender.
Overall, we have made nearly 250 dumplings, and when the first dumplings came out of Mei's kitchen, almost everyone was full.
However, the throngs of people rushed into the table.
They are lovely, tender, dark brown and satisfying.
On the side of the kitchen I saw Winnie lying on the sofa and looking exhausted.
I found her staring at the food piled up in her apartment like a guest.
She offered and then began begging people to take the leftovers home.
Someone opened her fridge door and helped her store the uncooked dumplings and then cracked, "Well, there is no room in the fridge.
Hell, there's no air in the fridge.
"Then I saw something familiar in Winnie's eyes, the special feeling that only parents can bear.
This overwhelming situation happens when they only have very little chance to show you that they love you a year, and they show you that they love you by doing things for you and feeding you, and they do so with the power of the intention, the power of the smile, to accept it will make the body tired. (
Pack the leftovers. )
This is overwhelming in itself, but you feel like you are, which leads to the overwhelming second edition of the parents, which is a more complicated mess, full of love, fear, anger, even if you are an adult, hopefully they will leave you alone, but hopefully you will never, and I have never seen them leave.
But maybe I'm just projecting.
Maybe I was thinking about my own mom and the tissue rolls she was trying to cram into my little apartment, and the leftovers she had left a few weeks to cook for me as soon as she got them, the fridge was also full of food she bought me when she came to take care of me after surgery two years ago.
Maybe I was thinking about my own dad, once I saw him fill our kitchen with dumplings and he did it with unexpected grace and speed.
When I picked up the spoon to help him, he told me that when he was young, he learned to do so when he worked in a Chinese restaurant during the class to pay for college tuition.
I was about to go to college myself and I realized there was so much on him that I didn't know, even if we sat there quietly and stuffed the meat into the wrapping paper.
Maybe I think of these things especially today, the Chinese New Year, and all the nasty instructions my mother used to give me: Clean your room before going to bed, so in the New Year, don't sweep out your luck!
Start a sweet year eating candy!
Put on your new red dress!
Today I woke up 1,500 miles from my parents.
I ate candy and wore my dad's old red sweater and said my apartment was a mess.
I miss mom and dad very much.
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