leaders in niagara falls try to stem flow of toxic waste - super water absorbent material

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leaders in niagara falls try to stem flow of toxic waste  -  super water absorbent material
Under a series of Meadows on Niagara Falls Avenue-
The strange landscape in this monotonous and flat urban landscape-are PCB-
Contaminated transformers from Pennsylvania, chemical poisoning Earth from Michigan, and countless by-products from more than 2,000 factories in the United States.
This is one of the largest active waste farms in the United States, actually a waste Farm, the final resting place for the poison dug under the federal super fund clean-up plan, as well as the large amount of industrial waste produced by automobile, chemicals, baby food, beer manufacturers every year.
Source of AlarmThe 360-
Locals like to call it akrescos International landfill site or Mount SECOS, and recently a Environmental Protection Agency scientist reported that the site could leak into groundwater that permeates nearby families, this caused some panic.
While other state and federal environmental officials have denied the possibility of a CECOS leak, this suggests that any contamination is more likely to come from neighboring websitesI.
In the active clean-up, the report inevitably evokes the scene of the Love Canal ---
Two miles away, the notorious toxic waste disaster area
Along the highway, local anger has been expressed in the form of graffiti: "cecos kills"
Red letters for feet.
The fact that CECOS should be part of solving problems like Love Canal makes the idea of leaks even more outrageous for local officials.
Now, citizen leaders are trying to stop the flow of national waste to their cities, because there are dozens of kinds of waste, which is the natural location of such a dump.
Production industry gathering along the direction of Hydropower
Because the CECOS site was previously used by an Acetylene Company, 70 acres of lime were left behind-
Very suitable for burying chemicals.
The site of Niagara Falls in cécos and its Ohio site sparked controversy, with state officials saying contaminated water was illegally rushed into the stream, prompting re-discussion of the best way to clean up millions of tons of hazardous waste that have been abandoned over the years and how to deal with the 0. 2 billion tons of new solid and liquid waste generated each year.
Environmental officials say burial is not the best way to do it.
But now it's the only solution that works.
The sekos people are proud of their country. of-the-
Art containment technologies try to reassure the public that their actions are safe and scientific.
"A lot of people seem to think what we do is dig a hole, no matter where we happen to want to dig that day and throw things in," says Craig Frost, an environmental technician at the scene.
"More scientific than that.
"The steel barrel is covered with frost, safety goggles and Kelly-
Green helmet with chemical flask, water drop and spruce logo stand on wooden platform on the edge of four months
Compacted clay with 10 feet and 80-
Mil polyethylene plastic--
About twice the thickness of the phonograph record.
Below, workers in protective overalls unload crates from a tractor trailer part of the pit while dirt-
The movers covered rows of steel barrels in another section.
"Daughter cells" are delineated in the landfill, and different types of waste are buried under the patchwork of selected covering materials ---fly ash; diatomaceous (chalk-like)earth;
Graded filtered lime on Acid Mud;
Activated carbon on organic materials;
Perchlorine pan-green iron sulfate-
Contains electroplating sludge.
We kept three.
"So we know where every drum, every pile of bulk material is buried in the 3 feet m range," said Thomas L . "
Vice President moransekos corporate public relations activities.
Contrary to the prevailing view, no liquid is buried, he said.
The barrels are drained and filled with inert, absorbent materials such as silica, liquid contents are sent to the recycling plant, CECOS water-
Processing plant, or in the case of PCBs--
Go to a Incineration Plant on Ark Island
The landfill was built from the ground, not from the ground.
Collection of leachate by drainage system-
Rain falling into the open air--
It was pumped to on-
Water treatment plant on site.
After the cells are filled, they are sealed with a clay "cap" covered with plastic, covering the surface soil, planting grass and becoming 50-foot-
A series of groundwater test wells will be used to monitor high earth Piers for 30 years.
The company paid a high price for this fine disposal service.
Depending on the substance, the charge for each barrel of waste is from $30 to $250, and the charge for each ton of bulk material is from $30 to $200
Companies handling super fund cleanup contracts
CECOS was awarded a bid for a super fund clean-up of the abandoned Lehigh power plant in the Pa old furnace. It cost $2.
5 million clean up four-acre, PCB-
The site was contaminated, Mr. Scarano said.
On-site preparation--
Truck installation-
Shower facilities, laundry station, safe trailer, analytical equipment-
Three months. month cleanup.
Technicians wearing sealed overalls, gloves, boots and helmets rinse PCB oil from the transformer and ship it to the ENSCO incineration plant in Arkansas. Front-
Finally, the loader excavated 6,000 cubic IC code contaminated soil and shipped it with polyethylene
Truck to Niagara Falls.
More often, toxic substances are not actually removed from the clean-up site;
They are just "included ".
"This is the case with Love Canal, where more than 200 compounds were found in the waste 21,800 tons were buried there.
Pollutants are surrounded by leachate-
Collection system covered with clay and plastic caps.
Contaminated water is pumped to a treatment plant where chemicals are combined with activated carbon filters, which are later buried in the CECOS landfill at a cost of $3,500 per person.
"When you're talking about hazardous waste cleanup, in most cases, you're talking about containment," said Norman northenchuck, director of the solid waste program at the Ministry of Environmental Protection.
"There are thousands of sites across the country, most of which will be controlled.
You can dig it out, but where are you going to put it?
"The amount of waste in Love Canal is small compared to some locations.
The reason this is such a horrible story is that a house and a primary school were built on its basis.
On the other side of Niagara Falls, 80,000 metric tons of waste is buried in a landfill in Hyde Park and 65,000 tons of a called S-Area.
Western Chemical Company
After years of litigation, a clean-up plan has been agreed, including the closure of the site and surrounding area with non-Permeable clay walls.
In another agreement set out by northenchuck's department, GE
Last summer, a 1 feet thick, 110 feet deep bentonite wall was built on the underground clay layer to close the PCB-
Contaminated Sites in Morro, north of Albany.
Methods of destruction of dioxin considered to be one of the most toxic people
The manufactured substances are still under development.
Thousands of gallons of dioxin sludge and hundreds of barrels of sediment were stored in Love Canal before acceptable technology emerged.
"I personally think the best solution is a portable technology where you can get to the site at extremely high temperatures and destroy the material," Nosenchuck said . ".
Time Beach in Missouri is testing a process of this heat damage.
Clean up the dioxin. The J. M. Huber Corp. of Borger, Tex.
Use of thermal reactors in Thames Beach and Texas to handle dioxin
Pollute the soil by quickly heating to 4,000 to 5,000 degrees. RoTech Inc.
A University in Cincinnati, Ohio has developed a waste incineration process using rotating cylinders designed to process more than 100 tons of garbage per day.
Another heat treatment known as the "plasma arc system" is being tested by the pyrolysis system company.
Under a contract with the state of New York and the federal government, Wellan, Ontario, serves as a possible means of destroying sludge from the leachate treatment plant.
The system uses electricity to destroy waste at extremely high temperatures and can be transported by truck to the cleaning site.
New York State requires that landfill operators must develop and Update 10-per year before obtaining an operating license-
Annual Plan to develop new waste
Destruction technology.
CECOS is working on 16 new treatments.
A person will produce fuel from waste residue;
Another form of oxidation of toxic organic substances such as PCBs, dioxin and pesticides into water and inorganic salts. Lee M.
Thomas, who was the head of the EPA waste program before being recently appointed director of the EPA, admitted that landfill sites were an inadequate long-term issue
A series of solutions to the toxic waste problem, but he says industry is starting to work on finding alternatives.
Overall, the best solution (
Used to clean up garbage dumps)
"I will dig the material and destroy it," northumchuck said . ".
"It makes no sense to dig it out from one location and bury it elsewhere ---
At some point everything is leaking and no matter how carefully you collect and process the drain, there are double liners and even three liners that cost a lot.
"The final answer is not to put waste on the ground, but to develop the technology to destroy it and then force industry to use it.
At the same time, the public must understand that the cost of the product will include the cost of destroying the waste.
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