knowing the right time to say goodbye to a pet - my dog ate meat absorbent pads

by:Demi     2019-11-04
knowing the right time to say goodbye to a pet  -  my dog ate meat absorbent pads
Almost 14 years ago, my daughter and I were saddened by the death of our mother and nothing seemed to lift our spirits.
Then we got the fluffy, a bundle of gray and white puppies and everything changed.
The fluffy pad and squeaky toys kept us busy.
Despite our sadness, she made us laugh and the dark clouds of sadness began to fade.
Over the years, our 10-
In our life, the pound ball is a constant.
We put her on a holiday sweater, celebrated her birthday, and scolded her for stealing food from the cat's plate.
But in recent weeks, as we slowed down, she took a longer nap and the time we spent together was obviously limited.
I hope that in the end Fluffy will die naturally and fall asleep forever on her favorite soft pillow.
Natural death is the hope many of us have for pets.
They are members of our family and deeply integrated into our lives, the idea of euthanasia seems unfathomable to many of us, so we insist that natural death is desirable.
But my vet told meof-
The scene of my dog's life is not realistic.
She told me that in most cases natural death means long-term pain that we don't always see, because dogs and cats are more enduring than humans in terms of pain. Dr.
National-recognized oncology Vet Alice villaworth, based in Hermosa Beach, California, says many pet owners idealize natural death without considering the true meaning of "natural" death
She pointed out that a weak animal will not stay in nature for too long.
"When the animals were domesticated, they gave up the freedom to wait for death under the bushes," said domalobos . ".
"They quickly became part of Mother Nature's plan due to predators or elements.
In our homes, however, we protect them from everything so that they can live for a long time --
Sometimes too long.
Alimalobos has dedicated her career to helping pet owners navigateof-life issues.
She created an animal hospice project she called "pawspice.
She created the name because she didn't want to confuse end-of-
Take care of animals with the choices we make for human hospice care.
Her project focuses on extending the quality of life of pets.
That could mean treating cancer "in a kind and gentle way," she said.
This may mean giving supportive care such as liquid, oxygen, or painkillers.
In some cases this may mean hand
Feed or bring animals to water trays or bins for weak pets.
In the end, she said, it means "death ".
She advocated what she called "bonds"
Centered on euthanasia ", pet owners are allowed to be present and play a comforting role during the procedure.
She also supports calm.
The first is euthanasia, which allows animals to enter mild sleep before taking lethal drugs.
Help pet owners make final decisionsof-
Life Care has developed decision-making tools based on seven indicators.
According to the first letter of each indicator, the scale is usually called the scale.
In the range of zero to 10, zero is very poor, 10 is the best, and pet owners are asked to rate the following :-
Has the pet's pain been managed successfully? Is it easy to breathe or painful to breathe?
Does the pet have enough hands-feeding help—
Is the patient dehydrated?
Can pets be kept clean? Does it have pressure sore?
Do Pets express happiness and interest?
Can a patient get up without help?
Is your pet a healthy person?
Animal alobos says pet owners should talk to their vets about how they can improve the lives of every type of pet.
When pet owners approach the end of their lives in this way, she says, they often wonder how much they can do to improve the quality of life of their pets.
Pet owners can better assess the quality of pet hospice care and measure the decline of animals by re-viewing the scale frequently.
The goal should be to keep the total at 35 or higher.
As numbers begin to fall below 35, this ratio can be used to help pet owners make final decisions about euthanasia.
"Natural death, as many hope, may be unfriendly, may not be easy, or may not be peaceful," sayalobos said . ".
"Most people are more willing to ensure peaceful passage.
You are just helping the pet to separate from the packaging, as he will do in nature.
"When I was looking for an answer in the last few weeks of Villalobos, I found out the size of her.
When she got up, she often stumbled and seemed confused.
Sometimes at night I hear her whining.
I contacted two people.
Reviewed home veterinary service.
Com and Instavet.
Com, both provide compassionate guidance and confirm my concern that there is no treatment available to improve her condition.
Fluffy is a very old dog and they suspect that her decline is the result of kidney and liver failure, but they do not encourage extensive testing due to obvious physical symptoms.
A visiting vet gave fluffy subcutaneous fluid to help with dehydration to make her more comfortable and advised me to come and end her pain with my dog before calling her for the last time
I trusted her judgment, but my tears and the fact that when I stroked her, fluffy still ate a little bit and shook her tail, which made my thoughts blurred
I came to the end-of-
The scale of life was able to see how bad she was doing, even though the tail shook.
I took the vet's advice and spent a quiet day with Fluffy, giving her the cat food she loved so much, without any scolding.
To remind myself that I did the right thing, I re-examined the scale several times.
This scale allows me to make a more independent assessment of fluffy, which is a huge source of comfort in very difficult times.
It is not an easy decision or a pleasant one.
But this is the right decision.
Finally, as I had hoped, fluffy did disappear on her favorite soft pillow.
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